Synopsis –

Twenty-five-year-old Ashley is an aspiring writer living in New York City. A recent lack of inspiration leads to doubt in her ability. She can’t envision a career outside of the bar she works in or any possible way to become unstuck from the cycle that consumes her.

But then, an overdue evening out with her two best friends leads to a surreal experience.

When she meets Megan, the energy in the room is enough to captivate Ashley—the infectious smiles that pass between them are electrifying. Smiles that, for a brief moment, make even Ashley—a true cynic—believe in destiny. 

The beautiful, sweet and mesmerising Megan is a Stanford graduate with one goal—to play basketball in the WNBA. She shares with Ashley a narrative approximately unfaltering love that’s compelled by the force of fate—a story about her grandmother, Nancy. It ultimately becomes the catalyst for their future relationship and the inspiration Ashley’s been looking for.

To Ashley, the Word fate has never been anything more than a crossword clue found in the NY Times, but she can’t deny the transcendent depth of their connection as an unseen force keeps pulling them back together. The question is—will it be enough?

Whether We Meet Again is heartfelt, romantic and utterly relatable. It’s a celebration of friendship and love, but more than that, it makes you recognise that you don’t find love, it finds you.

Review –

WOW 🤩 where to start?! This was my first time reading any of Nicole’s work and I’m in love! It’s written so perfectly I fell in love with all the characters, I laughed, I even cried a little. The plot is amazing she had me hooked from the first page! I highly recommend this book! Im going to go and purchase her other books to read while I (not so 😂) patiently wait for part 2! 


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