There’s a book you read once you like it so much that later you can reread it. Knowing it will be one of your favorite books. You can actually see the book on the shelf, and hopefully you want to read it again. Making sure you re-read your favorite parts from the book.

On an ebook you see some matters to highlight and write notes on that part. Later on you can see these highlights and use them for something else. Perhaps like quotes, a class assignments, and other matters.

A book you once read you treasure with that heart of soul. The feeling that when you read parts of it, it makes you want to laugh, cry, or something else. It’s like the book can reveal your emotions. Knowing that so many matters happen as the point of view of a character, the setting, and everything else.

You already read a book you don’t like when you first started the book. Once you read it all the way through, you don’t want to read it. You stop reading the book and move on to a different book. Sometimes there are books that other people read that they don’t like afterwards. Luckily, you’re not the only one.

There are a lot of books you have read once you have recommended to others. Aware that they may also like to read some of the books you read. Afterwards, they can recommend to someone else.

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