Genre: Crime/Mystery/Detective
Series: DI Meadows mystery
Story: 3/5
Writing: 3/5

A Knot of Sparrows is a #4 in DI Winter Meadows mystery.

The book begins when Stacey, a teenage girl, gets murdered. The case then unearths several murders along the way. This book deals with a serial killer. More like killers. A group of grieving people decides to take revenge on the people who wronged them in the name of bringing justice. They use Biblical references for each homicide. The case takes a turn when Donald, a boy from the group, gets murdered.

It was quite easy to guess the killer. The intentions and the methods with which the group performs are revealed in the last few chapters.

Compared to the first three books in the series, this book is not so much of a page-turning, edge-of-the-seat thriller. It is lukewarm at the best.

The writing style is the same—telling not showing. There are also some emotional elements in the story that add some flavor to the characters we are familiar with.

There is a small paragraph where the author tried to include why she named the book like this, through Meadow’s monologue. It is also the same occasion when he realizes that the killer is not a single person but a group.

The group which kills the people is messed up in their heads, and it is disturbing to realize how grief could drive a person to do something like rape and homicide which is a complete contrast to their personality. There is a Vicar Daniels here who is the mastermind Backside all the murders. I personally do not like the reasoning bum his motive. Clearly, he is mentally disturbed, and there is a sentence that goes, ‘…brain tumor could do that to a person.’ I don’t understand. Whether so, how? He clearly has strong belief in justice and morality. That could very well be enough for a person to do the things he did. I don’t think you need to have an illness in order to have that kind of thinking/thoughts. Or, I might be wrong.

He hated the way she flicked her hair; it wasn’t even real, dyed with extensions, false, like her nails and smile. Always flirting, always wanting to be the centre of attention. She was about to find out the consequences.”

I think these few sentences above could describe the state of mind the killer(s) had, convincing themselves that the victim deserves it. There are even worse explanations and justifications for each of the homicide in this book, backed up with some Bible lines.

The author did not sugarcoat matters when mentioning about the mentally messed up state the group was in due to the loss they had faced in their life. The fact that they are just normal people we would face everyday is what made it disturbing. Even after finishing the book, the people and the reason as to why they did it stay with you.

This is a small book; one could read this in a unmarried sitting. This book is like a filler book you would read to keep that reading streak going; enjoyable, nevertheless.

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