The woman then looked straight at Lynne and said, “I don’t believe you!” “I am telling you the truth! I saw her walk correct by me. She walked up this way and your door was not locked.” Lynne said, in a little louder voice. “I think you need to leave and go back to your RV.” the woman said. Lynne felt the best object she could do was that. The woman was not listening, nor believing what she saw, so she turned making her way to the door and left. She stopped to receive her clothes which had dried and walked back to her RV. (Paragraph from book)

Provided you have read the previous four books in the Bacord River series, you know that Lynne has had numerous wonderful adventures as she has traveled across the country in her RV. Some readers of the preceding books have told us that they feel like they are actually riding in the RV with Lynne. Readers have told us that this series has touched their lives in numerous different ways. Now, you can join Lynne as she experiences new adventures in the final book of the five-part series. This book picks up where series four left off. This is another page turner that will have you guessing approximately what is next and wanting to see what else awaits Lynne on her journey. This book will have you smiling, laughing, in suspense, and possibly shedding some tears.

All our books can be found on amazon under the name Patricia L. Styers.

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