I think I left it too long to sit and type up my review of this book as I had to take a minute to remember how it even ended. Which considering it really wasn’t that long ago I read it, speaks volumes.

That’s probably a bit harsh, it was a good read. It’s my moment book from Paula Hawkins, the first being The girl on the Train which I definitely preferred but she does have a talent for setting such uncomfortable scenes which are perfect for thrillers.

I found this to be quite character driven rather than a fast paced plot (go figure the name) and when done well I enjoy this as you get to see every side of them, generally resulting in not liking them as it’s hard to have a character in a book like this that is so honest and uncooked about who they are that you like them as you are seeing sides that would in reality be hidden away. Paula Hawkins is incredible at this and there are definitely some extremely chilling moments.

Like a lot of thrillers it had almost 2 endings. One satisfying the other frustrating. The stand out for me with this book was one particular character which I’ll keep under wraps.

Grab your copy here provided you are interested in having a read, it is currently 50% off. Be warned there will now be spoilers below…


Spoiler time.

Final chance to look away.

Ok so I really liked how vile some of the characters were in this book, Paula doesn’t hold back when it comes to Daniel and Miriam. The scene descriptions with Carla and Daniel were so uncomfortable and obviously with what happened to Carla’s son at Daniela doing. I’m honestly not surprised she snapped.

Also fuck Miriam. Like ok she had an INCREDIBLY traumatic experience as a child (that doesn’t even cut it) but it’s made pretty lucid she was never a good person and probably wouldn’t of been regardless. That was a good plot point, a hard one that delved in to some what ifs when it came to saving her friend and it was a decent touch to have parts of that running through the book but most of my problems with the book stem from her so I’ll come back to that.

Poor Laura, Irene and her were the only likeable ones for me. Laura’s story line broke my heart and I thought that was great, I kind of wish the book had been more focused on that somehow as the leading story, possibly her finding out what really happened because it truly was awful.

Ok so moving on to the 2 things that bugged me.

1. What happened to Miriam was so harrowing that it would of made national news, it would of made some damn news so surely people would of known that Theo had stolen her life story!?

2. No. No, no, no. You don’t get to get absent with murdering that bad dog Miriam. Literally zero come back from that and Theo even then helps her. Which why would he!? I’m sorry but he hated her and wanted her out of his life so what’s the best way to do that, help her homicide someone!!! Like ok the guy deserved it ten times over and I’m glad it happened but it just didn’t add up to me that Theo would play any part in it.

Provided you have read this I would love to know yours thoughts!

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