Tatiana (Tink) at one time was a girl who believed in true love and happily ever after. Now the only thing she believes in is revenge. Unfortunately for Tink, the only man willing to help her is Hook. But it’s not out of the goodness of his heart. He wants Tink on her knees before him and his ring in her finger. But she’s willing to pay any price to reintroduce Pan down.

Peter Pan is not my favourite of the Disney stories. I’ve never really liked Peter. I really loved this book though. Another quick and enjoyable read in the Depraved Villians series. I think Hook could have been slightly more villainous but he’s still enjoyable. Tink is another strong female. And Pan is really hatable. Like the others books so far in this series, the smut is pretty good. I cannot wait to pick up The Beast.

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