“We aren’t responsible for other people’s emotions or actions…We’re only responsible for our own actions, our own responses to their actions, and how we treat them.”

We were SO excited to read Arro and Mac’s story, their tantalising and intriguing moments teasing us in the previous books, we just HAD TO KNOW!!! Seriously, the tension has been palpable! “I love you so fucking much, I think I would burn down the world for you.” We devoured Always You, the third book in the Adair Family series by Samantha Young, all of which can be read as standalones, though we’d highly recommend reading in order. This series is everything we love about this Author. Samantha Young manages to combine a perfect blend of fabulous characters, suspenseful drama as well as angst, passion, and humour.

‘I had to let go of the hurt, or I’d be swallowed by a pit of depression. It was so much easier to avoid it altogether rather than try to pull myself out of that darkness once I was in it.’

A quick recap….Arrochar Adair has been in love with Mac Galbraith since what seems like forever. With a thirteen-year age gap and Mac’s close relationship with her brother, Lachlan she fears Mac will never feel as she does nor act upon it even if he did. Desperate for his love she puts herself in situations that not only backfires but breaks both her heart and her sense of self. Doubting herself and how she reads their relationship, Arro feels lost. When the heart loves it loves, and the depth of that love can both be the most wondrous thing as well as an unbearable burden.

‘Arrochar Adair loved me. I was certain of it. And one day, hopefully soon, she’d feel safe enough to open the door again.’

Mac has been a formidable presence in this series so far, in both stature and personality. In Always You, we saw a side of him that we must applaud this Author for bringing to the forefront of this book. Brilliantly written it came across as heartfelt and so very believable and real. Both Arro and Mac were incredibly strong people yet showed a -unique to them- vulnerability. Having been in each other’s lives for as long as they have, they are completely aware of what makes the other tick, the standout attributes as well as their respective flaws. The highs, the lows, the good the bad, and the ugly. It’s what makes them so incredibly special and their intense connection so believable and intense.

“Any time I get to be with you – a day, a week, a few months – it’ll be worth it. I’d rather have a moment with you than nothing at all. It’ll last me a lifetime.”

The attraction between Arro and Mac is literally FIRE, the sexual tension igniting the pages through mere moments, as we explore the past, the missed opportunities, the breakdown in communication, and the intense want. The slow burn k i l l s, but is so very worth it! When two people have demons like they do, and struggle to rationalise their needs, wants and happiness, the coming together is not a smooth path nor without its drama. Add to that a fabulous suspenseful element in the storyline that threatens not only their lives but also their possible happy ending. Well, it was quite the ride, and we enjoyed every single minute of it! The Adair family and their loved ones have stolen our hearts and we love to be back in the fold catching up with them all. As for now, we cannot wait for the next installment, we simply can’t get enough, and we need to know the secrets still hiding…

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