Ashwatthama was a character of Mahabharat which has always fascinated me!! This character is known to have dedicated the most unpardonable sin, even according to lord Krishna and has been cursed by him to be alive forever even through the Kaliyuga and would only attain salvation once he is forgiven and blessed by the last and last avatar of Lord Vishnu – Kalki. Numerous believe this to be true and believe that Ashwatthama is still alive probably roaming in the deep jungles of India or in the unreachable mountainous areas of Himalayas. My curiosity approximately this character made me purchase this book in Kindle and here I am with my summary/ review approximately this book.

My blog is mostly about a lot of historical and Mytho fiction books and this comes as no surprise. The story begins some two generations after the leads of Mahabharata and only Ashwatthama is still alive and is living completely unhappy and guilt ridden for his sins in the jungles of the kingdom ruled by the king Vikram. Vikram’s kingdom also borders the Dandakaranya region which is named after and used to belong to a very dreaded and infamous asura Dandak. Many centuries post his disappearance, signs of his regaining power and coming back to reestablish himself appears around Vikram’s kingdom, Vikram learns that only an immortal who is partly an Avtar of a god could be successful in stopping Dandak from raising back to power, stop his two followers from wreaking havoc and gathering allies for Dandak or for that matter kill him in case he does come into power.

This book is probably not my most favourite of the mytho fictions that I have read so far and I dont really know whether I will pick up its next part (but never say never!!) but still the book was decent enough for a one time read. The writing style of the author is good and he has used simple words and easy to understand vocabulary which is also beginner friendly. The best thing about this book is the message that it conveys about the victory of good throughout evil and how the good should never give up their fight or bravery as fear is the first step towards letting evil win.

For the most part of the book Ashwatthama seems to be still guilty of his deeds in the Kurukshetra war and it takes more than half the book till he realizes his importance in the present and takes matter in his own hands. The supporting characters of the book are amazing and just the correct kind of friends one would look for in life, who are courageous, non judgmental, up for challenges and ready to give what it takes to accomplish any goal and at the same time protect each other.

Whether you are some one who has come across and read a lot of mytho fiction books, this would probably be yet another book for you, but you can definitely give it a try as its going to be a quick read and its completely not unreadable

My rating: 3.5/5

I had purchased and read the Kindle version of this book from Amazon, attaching the same for your reference:

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