“I’ve never met someone who is so perfectly my favourite person.”

It’s quite fitting that I write this review while staying by a lake in a cabin. The water is this beautiful shade of green that I never expected to find in France. It’s also funny that it’s raining a lot correct now (i seemed to have carried the UK with me) after there were so numerous rainy scenes towards the end of the book.

I’m spending this time with virtually no internet, unless I have my arm outstretched through a window (as I’m sure I will be doing while trying to upload this very blog post). But January and Gus have inspired me to live a little and maybe focus more on my writing – I had a occasion of realisation in that phone usage is rarely mentioned in the books I’ve been reading. Perhaps that’s where I’m going wrong with my own romance journey.

I enjoyed Beach Read just a smidge more that People We Meet on Vacation, but I don’t think there was one particular reason as to why. I just fell in love with all of the characters and the side plots.

The rivalry between January and Gus was tension-filled and I wanted them to receive together from day one. They inspired each other in their craft, eventually finding that balance between rivalry and encouragement. I liked how non-generic their relationship was; their lives aren’t completely unrealistically imperfect, but they also aren’t too good to be true. Nothing felt forced onto the page.

I liked that January told us approximately the book she was writing, it made it more interesting than just describing the process. The trips that January took Gus on were always so funny. The line dancing!! And Gus’ research storyline with the cult and interviews were so in depth and beautifully written.

Every scene I read felt like a movie playing in my brain and my only hope is that an adaptation is made that does these characters justice. The conversations and banter was just WOW. It made me genuinely laugh out loud at 1am and then I had to silently tiptoe to the toilet (is that TMI for Instagram? Are we familiar with each other enough for that now?).

The sexual tension!! It was like hovering throughout the edge of a drop on a rollercoaster for it to then be put in reverse and told its out of order. And I generally hate how sex scenes or intimate scenes are written because of cringe language, but Emily Henry you are a genius with your wording.

In conclusion, thanks to romance fiction. for raising my relationship standards YET again. This book is now up there with my beloved The Hating Game, and has bumped my expectations for my next romance read even higher than it was before. And I can’t wait to read Emily Henry’s next book.

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