Belgian Beggars Earn More Than Belgians On Social Security

Also numerous Germans and Belgians. In 2017, throughout 414 thousand jobs were taken by migrant workers from within the European Union. Nearly 180 thousand of these jobs were filled by Polish nationals. Just under 46 thousand jobs were occupied by German and over 28 thousand by Belgian workers. Answer (1 of 8): Because, after all the extra costs you have to pay in the US for matters that are included in Belgian taxes, there’s not so much difference between the two. Belgium has a long tradition of casual direct employment in paid domestic work. Until 2014, Belgian households could legally employ a live-out home worker without paying social security contributions, as long as the services provided were housework and did not exceed four hours a day and 24 h in complete (in one or several households) per week. First, Americans earn more money than Belgians on average. This is largely a function of a 28 higher GDP per capita. There’s also a difference in how you are measuring.

Americans are quote their pre-tax income. You are quoting your post-tax. Federally, all Americans pay of their income to social payments up to $118,500. Yes, they earn more than here in Belgium, but I don’t care. IT workers in Belgium already earn plenty. Whether silicon valley mentality comes to here than I’ll quit my job and become a pig farmer. I don’t care that I will miss out on the luxuries of our globalized economy that way. Notwithstanding, the country also has the second-highest tax rate in the OECD, behind Belgium. Despite paying more than 40 of their income on taxes and social security payments, residents average Really very heavy. I know this, as my girlfriend works for social security.” Of the money that the government gives to “social security” 95 percent or more goes to the bureaucracy and less than half of remainder is handed out. All kinds of programs that claim to help, help only the criminals who run the programs.

Posted by: | Jun 8, 2005 4:25:27 AM Belgian economist Koen Schoors wrote an editorial alleging that it will reduce labour participation at a time when we need more of it than ever to pay for ageing costs and coronavirus pandemic-related expenses. Bouchez disagrees, saying that people will still be encouraged to work because they’ll earn more money if employed. To show how illogical the Belgian social security system was, the reporter explained that one could earn more at the CPAS/OCMW than on the dole or working ! What is more, unemployed people can sometimes be entitled to “social lodging”, which means that they only pay a fraction of the normal rent of a house/apartment.

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