“We’re stuck, aren’t we? Trapped somewhere between hello and goodbye.”

Everything from the cover to the story of Between Hello and Goodbye by Emma Scott was just beautiful! We always relish that exciting and enticing feeling as we open a new book by this Author. We know we’ll fall in love, feel emotionally invested and find moments of utter beauty and poignancy between the pages. Emma Scott writes from her heart, weaving parts of herself into her stories with sublime intensity and vivid imagery.

‘But is it living life when you can’t even remember it?’
‘…you don’t know what else is out there until you sit still for a minute.’

There hasn’t been a time spent when engrossed in her world, where we haven’t shed a tear or felt overwrought with emotion. Yet we also marvel at the splendid beauty and wonderfully complex characters that feel so real. This book truly felt different, it had a maturity and emotional knowledge that touched us deeply. As for the written scenery of Kauai in Between Hello and Goodbye -without question- Kauai served as a character in its own right. We were there on the island with all the wonderful characters. We could smell the sea breeze, feel the sand between our toes and the sunrays warm our skin. We laughed, grieved, and celebrated.

‘Every caress dropped little flares into that untouched space, revealing something raw and naked. Vulnerable and soft and so fragile, it would break at the slightest mishandling. It was the part of me I kept protected from pain and  – I realized – the most perfect joy.’

Between Hello and Goodbye is a narrative of new beginnings, healing, and love. It‘s approximately hardship, suffering, and grief. It’s approximately what comes after loss; human behaviour and self-reflection. It’s Emma Scott doing what Emma Scott does best; magnificent evocative storytelling. In a world that can ultimately swallow you whole into a swirling vortex of intense emotions and repercussions, your heart will fight on. You have the inner strength to fight on. Promise.

‘I wanted to love him and be loved by him. Not to become missing in Asher and give myself up to him, but to be more with him. More of myself than I yet knew. Because I had something to give, too.’

Faith Benson and Asher Mackey are two very different people who meet in a occasion where the strong is vulnerable and the vulnerable is strong. We loved how the personal dynamics were manifested and the journey that came from the turmoil within, past experiences, and utter heart-breaking grief. It was such a compelling journey that shone a spotlight on the peace and serenity which can be found in even the darkest of places. Your memories will never leave your heart, but this can both be a curse and a blessing. You will have good and bad days, sometimes leaning heavily in one direction, but remember that this is okay. This is your correct. This is love. The purest of loves.

“Till we meet again.”

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