• Finished: 4/16/22
  • Magical Hop-a-thon: Sweet As Honey Selfie Spot – read a book that brings you consolation.

After the last book, I needed something a little more lighthearted. So I decided to try out a new-to-me author.

Troy is a popstar, literally. He and his band, which includes his younger brother, are on a world tour when he catches his brother doing hard core drugs. He spent his childhood taking care of his drug addicted father and doesn’t want to see his brother follow that same path, so he puts his foot down. He decides to leave the band and tour in hopes it’ll force his brother into rehab. Afraid he’ll be talked out of it, he leaves immediately and hires a small private plane to get him the hell out of Sydney and back to the States. During the flight they hit a storm and the plane crashes down on a deserted island. The co-pilot, Brian, is the only other survivor. Brian used to fly commercial planes but after a plane crash (not his fault, he was the hero) he suffered PTSD and survivors guilt and when he could bring himself to fly again he decided that he’d never be the main pilot again and have to be responsible for lives. Now he finds himself survivng another crash, and responsible for a life. These two very different individuals find themselves having to depend completely on each other for their survival. As days turn to weeks their deepening friendship starts to blossom into something more. As both men have always identified as straight can a relationship formed in the trauma of survival ultimate once their rescued….if they’re ever rescued?

If it wasn’t clear from the cover or synopsis….this is a M/M romance with a bi-awakening/gfy trope. It’s a quite slow burn romance, or non-existent burn for about the first half of the book – but it does get steamy eventually. Really it’s a book approximately the bond Troy and Brian develop through their struggles both to outlive and their own personal struggles.

I adored this book. As I said, the first half of the book is mostly about their survival. And it is more realistic than I expected given that it’s a romance and not a survival adventure. There is no instant attraction for either of them, it focuses heavily on their deepening emotional bond being in this situation together. And I loved it so much. They don’t wake up one morning wanting to sex each other up either, the physical attraction comes slowly then heats up fast. When they finally got together I was head over heels in love with them as a couple. The plot itself is a bit unrealistic of course. The deserted island aspect as well as relationships built in trauma working out takes a little suspension of belief. But everything else was just so good that I wasn’t phased in the least.

This gave me all the happy feels I was looking for. It’s low drama, well, at least low relationship drama….. I guess you could call surviving a abandoned island some form of drama. There is zero homophobia, and little to no struggles questioning identity or labels. I personally find confidence in one’s sexuality and self in this day and age, even when it throws new things out at you – to be the sexiest thing ever. One of the reasons I am quite fond of the bi-awakening/gfy trope – particularly when it doesn’t phase the people involved. So sexy.

Loved this book, and I’m immediately picking up more of this author’s work.

Candy As Honey Selfie Spot – read a book that brings you consolation.
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