Book Report Of The Call Of The Wild

In your Call of the Wild book report you should make a stress on those changes that Buck experienced. He had to receive accommodated to totally new conditions of life. Now he was living in Alaska among other sled dogs. He had to memorize to steal food, pull sleds and struggle for the main positions in the sled team. Think approximately the main idea of the novel in your Call of the Wild book reports. Perhaps the life of Buck can be compared to a man’s one. Book Report TITLE: Call of The Wild AUTHOR & BACKGROUND: Jack Landon was the most successful writer in America in the early 20th Century. His best short stories are the Call of the Wild and White Fang. Chiefly Landon wrote about animals, men and his stories were based off of life experiences. London lived his childhood in poverty in the Oakland slums. Book Report: Call of the Wild. 624 Words3 Pages. Title: The Call of the Wild. Author. Jack London. Setting.

Life is good for Buck in Santa Clara Valley where he spends his days and nights including eating and sleeping in the golden sunshine. Characters: Book report of The Call Of The Wild, by Jack London. The Call of the Wild, by Jack London, is a story about Buck, a four- year old dog that is part Shepherd and part St. Bernard. More importantly, it is a naturalistic tale about the survival of the fittest in nature. The theme of The Call of the Wild presents a wide variety of life lessons. Jack London writes this story in a dog’s point of view, showing the theme of knowledge and wisdom, perserverence, suffering, loyalty, respect, repute, pride, defeat, and most of all, friendship. “The Call of the Wild” is the best work written by Jack London. It easy to read, exciting and with every page you can’t wait to see what will happen. It was the time of the fantastic golden fever in the USA, and the plot was settled in the 19 century.

We can see how the bad people lived while they went to look for happiness on the cold North.

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