I’m nearly to the point of never reading another Lori Wick again but it’s a drug at this point. I read A Texas Sky: Yellow Rose Trilogy book two. I don’t even know where to start. I swear the only reason Lori writes books is to write sermons and be a witness.

Dakota, a Texas Ranger and one of our leading characters, is shot five times and has come to the Lord. Provided you thought this book would be action packed because he’s a Texas Ranger prepare to be disappointed. He doesn’t fire his gun once. Because of his injuries he’s given a six month leave. Nothing happens in the beginning except Dakota growing in his newfound faith. Three months after he’s riddled with holes he says he’s well enough to go back to work and reports to his superior, Brace. 

The names Lori comes up with are just ridiculous. You wouldn’t think the books are set in the 1880’s. 

Brace tells Dakota he’s dull (person) and he’s not coming back to work yet but he can escort his niece, Darvi, to some place two days ride away to visit a friend whose name I have forgotten and don’t have the energy to look up. 

There’s no talk of chaperones for these two young whippersnappers. Whatever. 

There’s a random scene where Dakota goes to the doc and the doc is like, You look like you were used as a pincushion. Here’s some powder. That’s literally it. Why he looks like a pincushion or what’s going on is not explained. 

Dakota and Darvi leave and Darvi sets such a hard pace that Dakota starts bleeding from his bullet holes. Thinking approximately this now, whether he was bleeding from strenuous activity, he was far from healed and why did he think he could go back to work? Fool.

Anyway, they arrive at this friend’s house and Darvi is just so excited to see her because she has to tell her she’s been saved. This part of the book was utterly useless. We’re with these people for a couple of chapters and they’re never mentioned again. 

Dakota brings Darvi to a train station to send her on her way home to St. Louis, but then she’s kidnapped. She was mistaken for some other lady named Annabelle who was slandering a guy named Jared in her newspaper and Jared wanted to threaten Annabelle. I honestly don’t even know what Jared was going to do with Annabelle. This was a stupid side plot that had no substance. It only takes a couple of days for the kidnappers to realize Darvi is not Annabelle but by then Seth, one of the captors, has fallen in love with her. I don’t know why.

Since Seth is smitten, he and his brother, Eliot, have a grand idea to take her to Eliot’s woman’s ranch and hold her captive until she falls in love with Seth. Fantastic. Plan. 

Seth always looked at Darvi with a kind expression so I was very confused whether we were supposed to like this guy or not. 

Anyway, Eliot’s woman’s name is Cassy but I read it as Casey the entire time, and she’s totally fine with this captive idea. She has two kids but the daughter doesn’t speak for reasons I never found out. Then Cassy starts to like Darvi and thinks they should let her go but doesn’t do anything to help Darvi escape. 

Dakota feels like something is wrong so he goes to investigate Darvi and finds out she’s been kidnapped and is on this ranch. Fairly frankly I skim read this part so I’m not really certain how he figured this out. He clues in the sheriff but instead of them just going out to the ranch and getting her, Dak’s brilliant idea is to get hired by Cassy and eventually he’ll escape with Darvi so no shots will be fired. Dak gets hired as the cook only because Cassy’s old cook, Q, dies and the plan is set in motion. I think Lori hit a wall with names and said “Q is a good enough name. It’s unique, it creates interest.” Wrong. I just thought it was dull (person).

Dak jacks around for awhile until one night he calls for Darvi, she slips out of the window and they escape. This could’ve been thrilling. It could’ve been fantastic. Instead it had me rolling my eyes. 

Dak brings Darvi to his brother, Cash’s, ranch to rest and Annabelle shows up and it turns out Annabelle is Darvi’s aunt and that’s why they look a lot alike. Who the frick cares?

It’s at this time that Cash suggests to Dak that he loves Darvi and Dak is stunned. He didn’t think he was but possibly he is! Dak escorts Darvi home to St. Louis, a two and a half day trip, again, the lack of chaperones, to make sure she arrives safely this time. 

During this whole kidnapping thing, no one told her parents. It was bizarre and I’m not entirely sure how long she was lost. It felt like years. It could’ve only been two days.

When Darvi gets domestic her old fiance is there to greet her but she doesn’t want his filthy arms. She wants Dak. Dak gets a hack, ha, that rhymes, and rides three blocks down to his parents house. Fairly convenient how his parents live in the same town as his love. 

Dak asks his mom to invite Darvi to some random garden party she’s hosting and Virginia knows instantly he loves her. Dak mentions to someone that there hasn’t been a convenient time to tell Darvi how he feels. Hold up. They were alone for two and half days and there was no convenient time?? Wuss. 

Dak wears a white suit to this party. The only thing he says to Darvi at this party is, Can we meet later? I need to talk to you. 

Let me get this straight: Dak had his mother invite Darvi to a dull (person) garden party just so he could tell her that?? Why not send a note to her house? 

Darvi agrees and they meet and he, I don’t even know what he does. He doesn’t say I love you but he expresses interest so they start courting I guess. 

Darvi’s mother is lamenting her conversion and Darvi gives some dull (person) reason for her conversion like someone has to remember their ancestors and her mother screeches, you were named after your Uncle Darwin and Uncle Virgil! 

This is where the name Darvi came from?? By combining the names Darwin and Virgil?? I can’t even. How does Lori’s intellect work? How?!

During all of this Dak speaks of his conversion to his parents to try and get them to transform, blah, blah, blah. It’s boring. Witnessing happens approximately every third page in this book so it’s missing any spice it had and it didn’t have much to begin with. 

There’s a weird scene of Dak chasing Darvi that made me mark it and tell Maria she had to read it. Darvi teases Dak and he calls her a little pill and starts chasing her. She “evades his clutches” and then he stops and says, I don’t know what I’m going to do whether I catch you. Maria exclaimed, What did I just read?!

It made me want to throw my hands in the air.

Darvi has to go back to Texas to testify against Jared. She’s “brave.” Seth and Eliot get thrown in jail for a time. Cassy wants to transform because of Darvi witnessing to her whilst being a captive. Whatever. Who cares? Not me. Definitely not me. 

Then Darvi and Dak finally get together and she has to go home to St. Louis and he’s like, I won’t forget you and I rolled my eyes for the millionth time and finally this wretched, no plot book ended.

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