Book Length: 282 Pages
Genre: Fiction
Personal Rating: 4.7/5
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Introduction: Have you had moments when your heart and conscious, both have been gripped by this wind, that doesn’t let them still? Nothing is wrong per se, and yet, it doesn’t feel how it does usually, how it should be…Of normalcy. This wind is ‘restlessness’, and I’m pretty sure, at least once, have been its guests. The causes, and the contexts of these winds are variant, but the impact they create; often the same. They get us thinking with an intensity of exception, and even drive us to major consequences… At times good, and at times bad. These 100 words I just wrote, is the best way to tie together the entirety of ‘The Celestine Prophecy’ authored by James Redfield.

The restlessness of a certain young man, brought to his awareness and nudged in the right direction by an acquaintance, drives him to the rain forests of Peru, where a certain ancient doctrine is hidden, and trying to be supressed from coming to light, that would reveal to the world its true spiritual truth, and purpose. Armed with a satchel of resources, and co-incidences, he follows his heart on this conquest, where the insights that might change his entire mental landscape are waiting for him…. Along mortal powers, who would leave no stone unturned to guard what they have built and can be threatened by this manuscript (that’s what they believe). If introspection to the depths of oceans fits your cup, then pick this up!

Review: This book has turned a plethora of thought wheels in my head. Introspection comes naturally to me along with and after every single script I read, but this book took me on a new level of internal ride. The blend of psychology and spirituality in the content presented is my favourite feature of this book. However, the plot has a lot of room for improvements, in my opinion. The notions and the insights’ explanations feel very real, but the storyline is the medium for presenting them, and the storyline here seems quite fast-paced and fantastical for reality. Apart from this, I would 100% recommend this, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll soon pick it up for re-read.


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