I don’t have the audacity to review any author’s work. This is just a abstract of my learnings from the book.

3 things make our life meaningful-

1) Work- Each one of us has a unique task at hand. A task which demands our unique ability in order to receive fulfilled. A cause greater than ourselves. Provided we forget ourselves in such work it is bound to make our life meaningful.
Happiness is a byproduct of our devotion to a cause greater than ourselves or results from our surrender to someone other than ourselves.
This makes way to the second object that makes our life significant.

2) Love- Love enables us to know other people by heart and see what they are truly capable of… It makes us see their true potential also we be become aware of our own capabilities. Loving someone is making them able to arrive their potential and by doing that we actualize our own capabilities.

Love is like domestic to which we can always return. It gives us shelter, heals us, makes us stronger to face the world.

3)Our attitude towards our suffering-
There are some suffering that we can’t just avoid because it just happens to us without our selection. If there’s a meaning in life there’s meaning in suffering too. It asks us provided we are strong enough to endure it or not. Suffering gives us choice to be strong and whether we find the right attitude we can transform our suffering to triumph.

There will be a lot of days when we are bound to feel like nothing has a meaning and we are suffering in vain. In days like that we have to keep in intellect that our life is like a cinema made up of frames, we have to make the best out of each frame/day. In the end the collection of frames in correct sequence will reveal the true meaning of the cinema that is our life.

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