First of all welcome back for another interview with Feed My Reads as our community really do appreciate you taking the time to do this.

So, our first question is who is your writing hero?

I would have to say Stephen King only because it was his writing that hooked me to the point of starting and actually finishing large, voluminous books. I was the typical Gen X kid who would rather be external shooting basketball or playing video games so, kudos to Mr. King for getting me to sit still long enough to finish a book cover to cover. 

Which book or books would you say influenced you the most on your writing journey?

My biggest influencer was undoubtedly Harry Turtledove. His writing opened the entire genre of alternate history to me, and I have not stopped asking “What Whether?” ever since reading The Guns of the South. When my team at Palmetto Publishing suggested that my back cover synopsis start off with the words “What if 2020…” in bold letters I instantly knew we had to go with that synopsis whether for nothing else to take me back to my love of alternate history.

Whether you could choose one book by someone else that you wish you had written then which would it be and why?

Queen by Alex Haley. 100%. It’s transparent why Haley beat me to the punch as he is fairly a bit older than me, but Queen had quite a positive impact on how I view myself and American history. I would say Queen also is the primary catalyst behind my obsession with genealogy. I actually started my own historical fiction book approximately my very eclectic and sometimes unbelievable family tree but paused that work in June of 2020 to complete The Demagogue Wars.

Who have been your biggest supporters during your writing career to date and what would you like to say to them?

Without a doubt my maternal grandmother who I call Mamaw. She actually gifted me the 1st print edition of Alex Haley’s Roots and Queen, both of which she purchased second-hand at yard sales for $1 each! My Mamaw has almost always been the first person to read any chapter I write. I include her on the acknowledgments page for my debut novel.

We all know how important reviews are to authors so whether you could speak directly to them what would you say approximately reviewing books they read?

This is a tough one. Writing is an art, and the old adage is “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” When I review a book, I go into it hoping that I can finish the book and feel satisfied with my time investment. Provided I can say “yes” to that question, then the book is automatically moved to a 4-star ranking. Whether the work leaves me pleasantly surprised, either by its characters or uniqueness, or is so well written that I feel I must tell someone approximately it, then the work moves into the 5-star realm in my opinion. I have read thousands of books which were good books, but not brilliant books because I never mentioned a Synonym approximately them to anyone.

Where can people connect with you?

On twitter I can be found @GenMeadesPen and @c.elmon.meade on IG, FB, and LinkedIn. Also, I have Author Blogs on both Amazon and Goodreads. Color graphics such as maps and flags will be uploaded directly to my Amazon Author page whereas the ‘Ask the Author’ section on Goodreads is very active.

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