Case Studies Nursing Students Book

The book serves as a core resource for nurse educators and students at all levels seeking to study the art and science of nursing grounded in caring. Additionally, the book is a resource for in-service educators in health care systems that specifically address caring as an necessary value for practice. The use of case studies are helpful for students to memorize and practice the nursing process. Reviewed by Lisa Underwood, Practical Nursing Instructor, NTCC on 12/3/19 The text provides eight comprehensive case studies that showcase the different viewpoints of the numerous roles involved in patient care. The exemplar case studies are typical of nursing practice and serve to underscore key points of learning. Assessment is a superpower; this book links it tightly with the nursing process through strong case studies and active student learning. Deborah W.

Smith, DNP, ARNP, FNP-BC Nurse Practitioner Director Gonzaga University Clinical Cases: Nursing Care Case Studies is the perfect textbook for nursing students completing their Diploma. This nursing book offers a variety of case studies based on common real-life examples that you are likely to emphasize in practice. Each case study includes questions that require you to think beyond the most simple rational. Case studies also include highly detailed and in depth rationales (over 500 words) to insure that you are learning as much as possible approximately the disease process. Disease Processes Covered in this Book. Congestive Heart Failure; Ischemic Stroke; Pneumothorax; Hypertensive Crisis

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