“We are going to visit my best bud, Kemp! With his help, you’ll be able to meet the queen in a jiffy!” said Melvin excitedly. Pointing to a building shaped like a immense top hat connected to Tony’s Tavern & Walkashore Salon was Kempy’s. “Come on!” shouted Melvin as he ran towards Kempy’s like a child running towards a candy store. Glancing at the Castle one final time before following Melvin into Kempy’s, Felicity sighed, “okay, I’m coming, I’m coming.”

The inside of Kempy’s looked to be some sort of fun house. The floor was a platform that slowly spun around counter-clockwise & everything was bright in color & there were funny mirrors & strange vases with odd-looking flowers inside. There was cotton candy being rolled by an automatic machine in the middle of the room & around the machine were blue sticks of different flavored cotton sweet on on each one — blue berry, watermelon, pink lemonade, etc. There were stands with jars full of silver sparkles & others with this purple jelly & foolish top hats sitting around randomly. Colorful swirly decorations hang from the high ceiling & there was a line of people in front of, what looked to be, a ride of some sort. The line cleared quickly as the two-seat purple couches on rails kept coming as whether there was an unlimited supply. When it was Melvin & Felicity’s turn, Melvin handed the ticket taker two lime green tickets he pulled out from his vest pocket. Felicity walked up to the slowly moving couch cautiously & sat down gently. Melvin, on the other hand, barrel-rolled onto the platform & then frog-jumped onto the sofa laughing like he just heard the funniest joke. “Sorry I had to show you up like that. These long legs are robust & these sweet moves seem to just sporadically occur. Is it magic you ask?” No, Felcity most certainly did not ask. “Nah, it’s MELVY, BABY!” shouted Melvin confidently. The sofa began to move quite fast & Felicity looked worried until she realized that the sofa had a mechanism that had secured a buckle around her & Melvin once picking up some speed. Once exiting the lit up room, it was pure darkness & Felicity could hear others yelling with excitement as the couch began to spin a few times & then straightened back out just to pick up even more speed. Melvin threw his hands up, “WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” he shouted. It became clear to Felicity that Kempy’s was a miniature amusement park of sorts & she was on some purple couch rollercoaster. The couch stopped & turned to a lit up stage while the large room they were in was still pitch black. Felicity could see other couches full of people in front & bottom them. Everyone was shouting excitedly & all of a sudden a rock band appeared on stage & began to play. Felicity looked throughout at Melvin & his long golden locks were blowing up & down as he was head banging to the beat playing his air guitar. Felicity giggled, but then felt as provided their couch began to float off of the rails into water, still in the dark. “I don’t think I like this very much,” Felicity thought. But just then the couch felt as whether it was on rails again & SWWWOOOOOSH! The couch began to move again & the music cut off. The stage became dark. Up they went, climbing rails that seemed to just get steeper & steeper. Eventually, it stopped. “Uh oh,” Felicity knew what was going to happen next. The couch flew down the rails so fast that Felicity’s cheeks felt as whether they were going to fly off her face & the rock music began playing again, LOUD!

After some sharp turns & a few upside-down maneuvers, the couch came to a stop & off went the music. But then they began to move slowly forward & dim lights switched on above them. All of a sudden, it felt as whether the sofa became unattached to the rails & was floating in water once again. The couch began moving forward as provided there was a silent motor directing the couch under the water. The lights turned on suddenly & all around them was a beautiful inside park full of flowers & bushes & there were birds singing in the trees. The water was a beautiful teal color & ahead of them was a dock that people in front of them were exiting on. As Felicity & Mevlin approached the dock, a tall, thin man with a lime green suit & top hat with a movie star smile appeared from the double doors on the far side of the room behind the dock, “MELVY!!!” he shouted. Melvin threw himself off of the sofa & they both began to walk towards each other in a slow-walk/ dance sort of way. Once they reached one another they gave one another a tight bear hug. “MELVYYYYY, where ya been, buddy?” asked the man. “Kemp,” Melvin said in a serious tone while coming out of the bear hug, “I have someone I want you to meet.” Melvin turned his body to disclose Felicity standing bottom him sheepishly waving. “Come with me,” said Kemp.

Felicity followed the men from the dock to the gold double doors. Kemp opened one of the doors & gestured to Felicity, “after you,” he said. “Thanks, brizzo,” replied Melvin as he strutted through the door. “I meant Felicity, Melv. I meant Felicity,” Kemp said as he shook his head. “Oh! Correct. My naughty,” replied Melvin as he turned around & waited for Felicity to catch up. Felicity & Kemp chuckled as they all walked in the room that looked to be Kemp’s office. There was a desk area on one side with a large TV & a few video game consoles sitting in front provided it with a lime green coffee table & then a large purple couch, similar to the ones used in the rollercoaster ride, sitting in front of that. There was a large refrigerator full of energy drinks & a ping pong table next to that. The room looked to be part teenage boy, part business man.

“Welcome, Felicity. I assume you have come to prepare to meet the queen?” asked Hemp. “Yes, I would like to meet my mother. But what do I need to prepare for?” said Felicity. Hemp & Melvin looked at each other, & then burst out laughing. Melvin laughed so hard he spit out the energy drink he was drinking that he grabbed from the fridge. Hemp put his hands on his knees & began to belly-laugh so tough that he had to hold on to his abdomen. “What is so funny?!” Felicity snapped. “It’s just,” Hemp managed to receive out, “she has no idea you are here & isn’t the most, how do you say, warm person to be around.” “Oh, fantastic,” cried Felicity as her eyes filled up with tears. Melvin walked over to consolation her & wrapped his arm around her, “oh, Felicity, don’t worry approximately a thing. We will take care of you & this time tomorrow evening you will be reunited with your mom & everything will be perfect. Also, she does have a warm side. You have just have to get to know her.” “Really?” Felicity said, wiping her eyes & looking up at Melvin with hope. “Yes, yes, yes, yes. Really,” replied Melvin, walking her to the sofa & sitting her down. “Have a nap,” suggested Hemp, handing a bright pink, fluffy blanket to Melvin to hand to Felicity & tossng her a lime green pillow from his office chair.” “Thanks,” Melvin said, yawning, “you don’t get a body like this stayin’ awake all the time.” “Not you, Melly! I was talking to Felicity! I need you to come with me to help get matters ready for tomorrow,” said Hemp. “Right. This is for Felicity. Sorry approximately that Felicity. Here ya go,” Melvin responded, handing her the blanket. “I suppose I am fairly tired,” yawned Felicity. And out she was.

“Come get some,” heard Felicity. “Oh, I’m coming, alright. Here ya go,” another voice was heard. “Nooooooo!” the other voice shrieked. Felcity opened her eyes to see Hemp & Melvin playing a video game on the big-screen. The coffee table was covered in chips & empty energy drinks with sweet wrappers sitting about. “Noooooooooo! Not again!” cried Melvin. Felicity looked up to see Hemp bent over doing the “butt roll” & smiling largely. “You can’t beat me, Melvy. I play this game too much for you to come in & be victorious,” said Hemp as he began flexing his arm muscles. “Yeah yeah, I gotta take a leak,” Melvin said as he stood up & walked out of the room. “Oh, hey Felicity,” said Hemp, just realizing her having woken up. “How did you sleep?” he said. “Good, actually. I’m excited for today. I’m ready to meet my mother.” “Glad to hear it, we have everything ready for you,” replied Hemp. “Come check it out,” he said as he got up & started walking towards the set of spiral stairs that stood next to the fridge. Felicity followed Hemp up the stairs to see a large laboratory with a immense sky light built in to the top of the ceiling. There was a enormous machine on display that looked to have been currently switched off. “Woah, what is this?” asked Felicity. “This,” Hemp began, “is a telaportation device. We have to use this to meet the queen. One cannot just stroll up to the castle. Seamsters would never allow that. You will have to meet in a particular location in the castle. She will be expecting Melvin, but you will be the surprise. To put it simply, this afternoon you will meet the queen & this machine will help you get there.” “Interesting,” replied Felicity. “I, Felicity Truemer, will finally meet my mother. I’m so excited!” Just then, Melvin walked into the room, “yo, Felicity! You’re awake!” “I certain am,” smiled Felicity, “Let’s have some breakfast.” “Righteous,” nodded Melvin with a smirk.

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