Sitting in an over-sized kitchen that looked to belong to royalty with a sparkling chandelier hanging from the high ceiling above, the shiny black & white tiled floors that looked to have just been polished, & the gargantuan sparkly white table that sat in front of them, Felicity, Hemp & Melvin quietly enjoyed miniature blue berry pancakes topped with Melvin’s famed syrup. Each pancake was shaped as a different character from the video game that Melvin & Hemp love to play. Hemp & Melvin happily enjoying their dishes, while Felicity watched them with wide eyes in realization that she had been hanging out with two men who were true teenage boys at heart. Felicity, feeling guilty, watched Hemp’s mother clean the stove after making their breakfast. “Edmund, be certain to lucid your plate. It will keep you strong with hair on your chest.” Kemp’s mother said while she finished wiping off the counter top. Kemp, taking his final bite & throwing his arms up in the air, stood up & began flexing his arms. Hemp’s mother walked over & grabbed Hemp’s plate while looking at Felicity & Melvin’s plates, “you two eat up & one day you can be as healthy as Edmund here.” Kemp smiling & pounding his chest with his fist a few times burping loudly. “You know me, Mrs. K, I’ll eat a spoonful & sprout a 10-haired patch on my chest,” said Melvin before balling his fist up & hitting his chest as he a long belch came soaring out of his mouth. Kemp’s mother, Kemp & Melvin all busted out in laughter, & then Kemp’s mother patted Melvin’s shoulder before turning around to place Kemp’s dish in the bubbling dish water. “Thank you so much for the meal, Mrs. Kempy. It’s scrumptious,” replied Felicity. “It’s no problem, dear. Any friend of my Edmund is more than welcome to indulge in any of my meals,” said Mrs. Kempy. “I bet your proud of Edmund with all that he’s accomplished. Kempy’s seems to be the place to be around here,” said Felicity with a smile. “Ah yes, my Eddy has always had a fascination with science & now Chroley has a place where town folk, young & old, can come to enjoy themselves without getting into trouble. My Eddy is a good boy,” said Mrs. Kempy. Felicity smiled & looked at Kemp as he plastered a stupid robot-like close-lipped grin on his face.

After breakfast, Felicity, Kemp & Melvin made their way to Kemp’s lab that was located on the contrary side of the Kempy mansion. See, Kempy’s was basically a fun house in downtown Chroley that included a rollercoaster ride in an vast underground tunnel. The Kempy mansion was located in Edinborough, but was connected to Kempy’s via the underground tunnel that housed the purple couch/ rock band rollercoaster ride. Kempy’s rollercoaster riders would exit the ride at the dock in front of the double doors that led to Kemp’s office (in underground Edinborough) & be led to Kempy’s underground express (a two minute walk from the dock) that transported them correct back to downtown Chroley. The spiral staircase in Kemp’s office led to the inside of his laboratory that was located inside of the Kempy mansion. Basically, Edmund Kempy, a.k.a. Kemp, was a rich scientific genius & businessman, but even with all of that, Felicity still saw Kemp as a teenage boy in a grow man’s body. Certain, Melvin is as foolish as they come & the two of them together is teenage boy central, but Melvin had at least managed to live independently & make his own meals, thought Felicity. Regardless of any of that, Felicity had come to the conclusion that she was proud to know both Melvin & Kemp. Seeing as how they were both willing to help her get in contact with her mother, which seemed to not be such an easy feat, Felicity was willing to tolerate all the silliness one can handle.

Kemp, jumping on a short, purple, flat board that was levitating above the mansion floor, yelled, “last one there’s a purple tortoise!” Kemp took off down the hall. Melvin, grabbing the other two flat boards from their wall chargers, tossed the yellow one to Felicity & dove into a hand stand on his blue one. Felicity watched as Melvin flew in another direction towards the same part of the mansion, seemingly as a way to chop off Kemp further in the race. Felicity placed one foot on the board & WAMMM! Felicity fell back knocked her head off the shiny, tough flooring that lined the foyer. “Ouch!” cried Felicity as she tried to quickly position her knees on the board in a strategy to better stabilize herself. SWWOOOSHHH! Off she went, flying forward but directly towards a wall in front of her! Felicity leaned her body to the correct & she flew passed the wall, lost it by centimeters. In front of her was a enormous room with a fire place, big white couches sitting on large floral rugs, stands with large vases full of the most beautiful flowers, and large windows with bright light spilling on to the entire room. A maid fluffing pillows on one of the couches was stood right in front of Felicity’s path. Felicity leaned back & the flat board swiftly hurled Felicity off of the board & on to the floor directly behind the maid. The maid turned back to see what made the crashing noise, but before she could see her, Felicity was on the board again, this time on her belly with her hands tightly clamped to the front with a look of intensity in her eyes. Ahead of her was Melvin. She was gaining on him. He was still positioned in a hand stand, obviously having ridden a flat board way too much in the past. Felicity passed Melvin & Melvin smiled with a look of surprise as he sat down on his board grabbing the uneaten apple out of his mouth & taking a bite. “WOOOOOOOOOOO!” Felicity heard from backside her understanding that Melvin was enjoying that she was enjoying the race. “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” yelled Felicity getting more & more comfortable with riding as she spun around in circles continuing to push forward in the race. All of a sudden Felicity & Melvin were approaching two maids balancing a vast pile of sheets with one long sheet with one maid on each side. Felicity & Melvin flew above them so fast that before the two maids knew what was happening, the flyaways of their tightly combed back hair was a mess on top of their heads. Swiftly turning right to miss the bronze statue stood in the middle of the mansion library, Felicity & Melvin started to slow as they saw Hemp lying in a pile of books on the floor that apparently fell from the shelf above him after he smashed into it. Felicity jumped off her board & scurried to Hemp’s aid. Melvin stayed sat atop his board chuckling, “ya okay, buddy?” Hemp sprung up from the pile of books as though nothing ever happened, “good, I’m good. To the laboratory!” Hemp, Felicity & Melvin walked through the next hall & up the stairs into Hemp’s lab. “Here,” Hemp said as he tossed a purple dufflebag to Felicity. “I grabbed a few of my mom’s outfits that might fit you. You might want to put one of these on.” Felicity shrugged, took the duffle bag & went into the bathroom to change.

Twenty minutes later Felicity walked back up the steps into the lab to see Hemp & Melvin tossing a large rubberband ball back & forth. Clearing her throat loudly, Hemp & Melvin looked over to see Felicity in a long, hot pink dress with a frilly, rectangle neckline & long sleeves with a light pink ribboned bow on the front with wooden clogged shoes. “Really?” asked Felicity sarcastically. “You like fantastic! Now for the hair,” replied  Hemp as he stood up & grabbed two purple spray cans. Felicity’s eyes widened with fear as he walked towards her. “NOOOOOOOO!” was the ultimate object she yelled before her hair was tied up & sprayed purple with one sole line of purple paint dripping down her face. “Perfect!” exclaimed Hemp, but then noticed the purple paint drip, “hold on,” he said as he wiped the drip off of Felicity’s face. “Perfect,” Hemp said again. Melvin looked at Felicity with one hand on his chin & a scrunched up brow, then tilted his head to one side. “Right then,” Hemp said walking off towards the machine.

Hemp began pointing out where Felicity will stand inside the machine while Felicity stood in front of the mirror that was attached to the side of the wall totally ignoring everything Hemp was saying & focusing entirely on the ribboned bow that was tied on the front of her long, corsetted dress. She jumped & watched the bow flop up & down. Then she wiggled & watched the bow move from side to side. She picked up the top of each of the loops of the bow, let them go & then watched them fall back down, spring back up & then fall back down again. Felicity had never worn anything so frilly before. “Are you done?” Hemp interrupted, his face close to hers. Felicity, brought back to reality, blushed after realizing that Hemp had seen her playing like a little girl. “Yeah, sorry,” chuckled Felicity, but also looking down in embarrassment. “It’s set. The meetings in 15 minutes,” said Melvin as he walked into the room in a slow walk/ dance with eye brows raised. A quick “woo!” was heard & both Hemp & Melvin looked at Felicity in surprise due to her sudden increase in enthusiasm. Felicity, realizing this, put her head down in embarrassment & said, “I mean that’s cool, whatever.”

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