Leia realises that there’s a meeting going on without her. It’s Ackbar, Mon Mothma and a couple of aides. They’re talking approximately how to reintroduce more planets into the New Republic. Leia walks in. She tells everyone that instead of arguing approximately what they should and shouldn’t do, they should be actively trying to help planets come away from the Empire. She referring to Kashyyyk specifically. She eventually leaves in anger.

Leia is meditating. She needs to after what happened earlier. She remembers that Luke had once told her to try to put through with the force but she never could, even when trying. After a while, she feels something. It’s her baby. She knows it’s going to be a boy. But she’s worried. She doesn’t know if his father and uncle are still alive. Plus, the galaxy isn’t a very safe place for him.

Sloane walks into a room. Rax is there. She wants to fire her blaster at him but doesn’t. He tells her his plan about wanting to attack Chandrila. Sloane is shocked by that news. Rax tells her that she’ll find out more approximately the plan soon. He leaves.

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