Jas is outside Aram’s campus with a blaster. She signals Temmin to close the power down. Sinjir makes his way to the house. But some droids are released. Jas tries to take them down from where she is. One suddenly appears and attacks her. It falls on top of her and she can’t move it. It’s approximately to destruct. There’s a countdown but Jas can’t move. Just as it hits one, Jom appears out of the blue and stops it.

Everyone is inside the house. No one is domestic. There’s a tunnel underground, which Norra and Han are in. Jas comms Han but he sounds like he just woke up. Aram was in the tunnel and knocked Han out. He got separated from Norra. Jas comms her. She managed to track Aram down and stun him. She tells Jas where to bring the ship so she can get Aram on board.

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