There’s a ship prison on the surface of Kashyyyk. Han thinks that Chewie is in there. Both Sinjir and Jas think there’s a trap but Han just walks in blind. Temmin and Mr Bones stay external as the others follow Han.

When everyone is inside the ship prison, they split up. Han and Jas stay on the floor that they are currently on and Norra, Sinjir and Jom go upstairs. When they split, a voice suddenly comes through the comm. There’s three attempts to give a pass code or everyone will be seen as trespassers. The three attempts are used up quickly and some droids appear. Norra, Sinjir and Jom start to make a run for the entrance.

Han and Jas make it to the entrance but it’s blocked. All they can do is turn around and try to find another way out. There’s droids coming after them and they shoot them down. They find and open space and make their way there.

Norra and Jom can’t fight off all the droids. Sinjir disappeared somewhere. The droids put needles into Jom and Norra’s necks. They’re being carried off.

Temmin is tired of waiting. He thought that everyone would be out by now. He thinks something is wrong. He decides to go in, bringing Mr Bones with him.

Han and Jas are in a control room. They can’t figure out how to close the droids down as the system is in a language that neither of them understand. Some droids try to squeeze through the door and Jas fires at them. More come. Suddenly, Mr Bones appears. He manages to get the droids absent from Han and Jas. Temmin isn’t far behind and meets with Jas and Han.

Norra sees some people as she’s being carried absent. She doesn’t know where she’s being brought to. She sees Sinjir. There’s some tubes coming out of him. Another person she sees is Brentin, her husband and Temmin’s father. Something sticks into Norra’s neck and she becomes drowsy.

Mr Bones is being torn apart by droids. Temmin is trying to figure out what to do. He looks around and finds some cables. He follows them and sees that they’re connected to people. He figures that the power for the prison is coming from them. He tells Jas and Han to shoot at the cables.

Norra is being put into a container. Before it seals, she fights to receive out. She manages to do so and a droid comes after her, trying to receive her sedated and back into the container. She fights. Suddenly, Mr Bones and Temmin appear. The prison goes dark. The power is out.

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