Wedge is on a landing platform. He sees someone touchdown. It’s Norra. Things are awkward between them. Suddenly, Wedge mentions Temmin. The scene ends here.

Temmin is at domestic. He’s making repairs to Mr Bones. He’s worried approximately something and his droid even knows it. He goes to the kitchen. His father is there. Since he came back, he’s been a different person. And Temmin blames Norra for that.

Norra and Wedge sit down and talk. Norra knows that Temmin blames her and that’s exactly what Wedge wanted to tell her. Having her husband home isn’t what Norra expected.

Kashyyyk is being discussed in the senate. It’s not going anywhere. Everyone is demanding aid for their own planets too. Leia is listening. Matters aren’t going the way she hoped. During a break, Mon Mothma tries to explain to Leia that there’s other problems in the galaxy and since there’s a senate, there needs to be a vote on everything. Leia decides to go on her own.

Norra returns home. Temmin is in the kitchen. He’s being hostile towards her, which she can understand. When Brenton came back, she’s acted strange around him. Temmin decides to go out for a walk, bringing Mr Bones with him.

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