Lozen Tolruck declared himself Grand Moff of Kashyyyk. He wants to hunt down and kill the Wookies on the planet. He repurposed a probe droid to hunt them down. He trained a Wookie to behave as prey to test the probe but it fails. An attaché comes into the room and tells Tolruck that he has a visitor. An imperial.

Tolruck meets with the visitor. He says he has been sent by Sloane to deal with any problems that Tolruck has. After a short conversation, Tolruck is handed a wanted poster. On it is Sinjir, who’s standing in front of Tolruck, and Jom, who was captured by Tolruck. He turns to run but not before Tolruck takes a knife and throws it at him.

Jas is outside, waiting to fire at something. Han is trying to hurry her into it but he needs patience. But before Jas can fire, there’s an ambush. Jas, Han and the Wookies with them are surrounded.

Sinjir and Tolruck get into a fight. Tolruck wins but doesn’t kill Sinjir. After the fight, Sinjir explains that he has a hidden hacking device on him. It’s used to hack the control over the inhibitor chips that the Wookies have implanted in their heads. The fight gave Sinjir enough time for the device to do it’s job.

The inhibitor chips lost their connection. Jas manages to shut down the protector shield around Tulrock’s fortress. She, Han and the Wookies go to rescue Sinjir and Jom.

Sinjir finds the knife that was in his leg. He uses it to pick the lock that’s on the cage Jom is in. Jom wants to receive revenge on Tulrock because he took Jom’s eye. Sinjir is against the idea at first but then decides to go find Tulrock with Jom.

The Wookies head towards the fortress. Jas follows them in her ship. Stormtroopers are after them but eventually leave as there are too many against them.

Jom and Sinjir find Tulrock. Jom wants to kill him but Sinjir just wants him arrested. Before anything can happen, there’s an explosion. Jom and Sinjir leave.

Jas gets her ship to the fortress. Sinjir and Jom aren’t there. There’s some Star Destroyers above the fortress. Jas is hoping that Sinjir and Jom are still coming. They show up after a while.

Tulrock is still inside his fortress. One of the Wookies he kept as a slave finds him. She puts her hands around his neck and breaks it, killing him.

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