The TIE fighter leaves without attacking. There’s an argument between Jas and Jom. Jom thinks that Jas didn’t have a proper plan in place even though everyone got back to the ship in one piece. The argument turns into a brawl. They lock themselves into a room, leaving Norra, Sinjir and Temmin outside. The fighting stops. Jom and Jas make up.

Norra is having a little talk with Temmin, who’s flying the ship. He was the only one who knew what Jas’s plan was and Norra is hoping he wouldn’t become a bounty hunter like her.

Sinjir meets Jom after what happened between him and Jas. Sinjir tells Jom that he knows all the weak areas in the human body and if Jom was to hurt Jas in any way, Jom would know where those areas are.

Temmin lands the ship and meets Wedge on the landing platform. He begins to tell Wedge approximately what just happened but Wedge tells him that the story needs to wait. Wedge needs to talk to Norra.

Wedge meets Norra. They make some small talk before Wedge brings up what he wants to talk approximately. Before he even begins, Jom comes off the ship. Gedde, the prisoner, is dead.

Gedde is on the floor. Jom suggests bringing the body to a doctor to see what happened. Jas comes to the conclusion that he has been poisoned.

Wedge finally manages to receive Norra alone to tell her what he wants to tell her. Princess Leia wants to meet her. Just her. Not her crew.

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