Cover Awe: Great Couples

Welcome to Cover Awe, where we get to look at pretty covers!

Vessel of Starfire by Allison Carr Waechter. A woman dressed in black on a dark blue horse is tossing a dagger into the air. Above her is a Black woman riding a winged white horse ready to catch it.

Cover illustration by Christin Engelberth

Amanda: I love the light and dark comparisons of their mounts! Thought I’d definitely be keeping an eye on that dagger/sword. I hope she’s throwing it up rather than it falling down.

Maya: I LOVE the blue horse. And the composition does a lot of good work setting up the characters – one of the land, the other of the air, united by their love of throwing knives at each other. The best kind of bestie is the one that throws you a knife when you need it!

Sneezy: This cover is so beautiful and descriptive!!! I absolutely adore the colours and movement, and the chemistry between the two characters!!!

Sarah: If they are the outlaws, I’m in. Let’s go.

The Sweetest Remedy by Jane Igharo. An illustrated cover with a Black couple on the cover. They are wearing matching colors of green, red, yellow, and purple. His green shirt collar is patterned in those colors. She is wearing a patterned scarf tied around her head and statement earrings.

Cover design by Emily Osborne

Cover art by Fatima Baig

Elyse: All other illustrated covers can go home now. I love the pattern of her scarf and how it gives it depth. And her earrings. Gah

Carrie: The flow from the scarf to the earrings to the collar to the colored-in letters is beautifully composed.

Amanda: All of Jane Igharo’s covers remind me of Alyssa Cole’s Reluctant Royals with their amazing clothing patterns and details.

Maya: The cover illustrator does a great job of balancing that mustard with the green, which saves us all from a ‘70s color palette that doesn’t really need a revival.

Sneezy: I’m a sucker for when couples wear matching clothes, especially when it’s done with colours and details. Naturally I’m goo goo gaa gaa over this!!! I especially love how the artist showed they’re partners while also expressing their individuality.

Sarah: The illustrator’s talent with the expression in her eyes and especially her mouth is…wow.

Delilah Green Doesn't Care by Ashley Herring Blake. Two women holding hands in front of a house. One has pinup vibes with bun tied with a scarf and body hugging dress. The other woman has wild wavy hair, is dressed in a black tank and jeans. Her arms are covered in tattoos.

Cover design by Katie Anderson

Cover art by Leni Kauffman

Elyse: The tattoos. The glasses and lipstick combo The boots. I love everything about both their looks so much

Maya: So cute!!!!!!

Susan: Both of those looks are goals, wow.

Sneezy: AAHH! I CAN’T!!

Sarah: I feel like I know all the possible tropes from one illustration and I am in awe.

West End Earl by Bethany Bennett. A man sits on a garden stone railing overlooking some water. His shirt is falling off his shoulders. He's embracing a red haired woman who is standing between his legs. She has on a gorgeous golden dress. They are surrounded by deep green plants and light colored roses.

Cover design by Daniela Medina

Cover illustration by Judy York

Amanda: I like it. Sue me.

Carrie: It has a nice flow to it, graceful composition. Also I like that they are sharing a tender glance, so loving and sweet.

Maya: Loving the use of yellow on this cover!

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