Welcome back to Cover Awe, y’all! Let’s look at some striking covers!

The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea by Axie Oh. An illustrated cover. A girl in a pink and teal Korean hanbok. The teal skirt portion blends into water where a paper boat is floating. Coral and flowers surround her, the lighter colors get darker toward the top revealing a shadowing man standing before a temple.

Cover art by Kuri Huang

Cover design by Rich Deas

Elyse: The detail is so beautiful

Sneezy: YES PLEASE!!!!!


Amanda: I just noticed the shadowy man in the background.

Ramon and Julietta by Alana Quintana Albertson. An illustrated cover. Two people have their foreheads pressed together above a scene of street decorated for Día de Muertos

Cover art by Carina Guevara

Cover design by Farjana Yasmin

Maya: Whatever it is about, the movie has to star Anthony Ramos.

Claudia: I’m in love with him hahaha

Maya: He’s really good on In Treatment, too!!

Elyse: Again I love the detail.

Amanda; The color palette is so warm and inviting.

(Note: I also love looking at the cover designer portfolios and seeing other covers I’ve loved that they’ve designed.)

Sneezy: It’s so masterful the way it uses strong, vivid colours and detailed patterns.

Song of the Forever Rains by E.J. Mellow. An illustrated cover in varying blues and golds. A woman in a long gown, surrounded by gold filigree holds her hand out to a bright white dove.

Cover design by Micaela Alcaino

Amanda: I love the glow effect on the dove.

Sarah: Oh what excellent use of light and accent.

Lara: The bird really steals the show.

Catherine: Reminds me a little of Erté. Just beautiful.

The Most Dazzling Girl in Berlin by Kip Wilson. Most of the cover is black, but reveals outline of a woman. She has a black bob hair cut and her hair is blowing across her eyes. The black that defines her feature has a stippling effect. Dazzling and Berlin in the title are written in gold.

Cover art by Ana Novaes

Cover design by Samira Iravani

Carrie: Oooh that look, so noir, tell me more! I also love that slash of yellow, so exciting!

Amanda: I hope the gold is super shiny in person!

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