Come look at some awe-inspiring covers with us!

This Rebel Heart by Katherine Locke. A blonde woman with short hair looks out amidst ashes. Flames come up from the bottom where we can see the shadows of a cityscape.

Cover art by Aykut Aydoğdu

Carrie: Holy shit

Amanda: There are so many tiny details like the freckles

Tara: Yeah, that is gorgeous. I even like the shifting colours in the title.

Sarah: That is a wow cover. I said, out loud, “Wow.”

Survive the Dome by Kosoko Jackson. A young black man's profile is encircled by a red neon ring. He seems to be shattering into shards and pixels. The outline of buildings is reflected in his hair.

Cover art by Jeff Manning

Amanda: I feel like this one is straight out of a Black Mirror episode and I am very much sold!

Sarah: covers have so much work to do at a glance and this one explains so much, it makes that work look effortless. And it’s really not.

Count Your Lucky Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur. An illustrated cover. Two winner stand before the Seattle skyline, back to back. One looks more preppy, is blonde, wearing a coral skirt and white shirt. The other woman has a dark bob with bangs, a black crop top, black jeans, red sneakers, and a flannel tied around her waist. A black cat stretches at her feet.

Cover design by Diahann Sturge

Amanda: Best one in the series so far, IMO.

Tara: Oh yes, I agree. I was already excited for this book, but now I’m way more excited.

Sneezy: Cat. I see a cat.

Claudia: I’m loving all the covers with the blue/green/teal and orange/red combos.

A Rake Like You by Becky Michaels. An illustrated historical romance cover. The cover appeal to be walking through a garden of muted greens, lily pads, and a light brown pathway. The heroine is walking right, she has one a cream and light green dress with a darker green jacket with ruffles at the cuffs and collar. She has red hair. The hero has tan breeches, brown boots, and deep green waistcoat.

Cover art by Leni Kauffman

Lara: I love it!

Amanda: I think when it comes to illustrated romance covers, I really love the ones that are detailed, where I can see distinct facial features and backgrounds and it creates a mood or sense of place. As opposed to just bright background and two faces or bodies.

Sarah: I love the plant details, and the texture of everything. Such a talented artist!

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