Welcome back to Cover Awe, where we look at covers that have caught our eye lately!

The Devotion of Delflenor by R. Cooper. Two brown-skinned figures in dark purple and burgundy clothes stand closely before a castle. A glowing pink mist surrounds them.

Cover design by Sarah Waites

Tara: Did we do this one yet?

Amanda: We definitely HAVE NOT

Maya: I’m guessing that’s YA since it’s so amazing!!

Amanda: Surprisingly, it’s adult I believe!

Sarah: This is gorgeous.

Sneezy: FWOOOSH!!!!!

The Jeweled Heart of Rosemont Castle by Clara Wimberly. A dark haired woman in a fuchsia and black dress is running through the hills, absent from a castle.

From Heather S.

Sarah: Look at this old skool gloriousness.

Heather sent it to me with the subject line: GOTHIC + FUCHSIA

Amanda: I want to know more!

Tara: That dress is too fabulous to keep it in a house of peril.

Sarah: As I said to Heather, I don’t often wear skirts or dresses, but when I do, I want long, full skirts, sweetheart necklines, and sweeping fabric. This is like my dream gown. You know, for everyday wear.

Elyse: All of my Gothic reads make me hope that one day I too can run away from a castle in a billowing gown

The Romance Recipe by Ruby Barrett. An illustrated cover of two brunette women touching foreheads. One has short hair and is in an off the shoulder black shirt. The other has shoulder length hair and is wearing a chef's coat.

Cover art by Elizabeth Turner Stokes

Tara: They’re so cute. I love this so much.

Elyse: Yessss

Susan: Oh that is gorgeous

Amanda: I love me a “forehead to forehead” pose.

Sarah: Haircut envy activated.

Sneezy: That snuggle!!!

Hotel Magnifique by Emily J. Taylor. A black cover with the outline of a hotel in bright purple and teal. Peacock feathers frame the sides and a teal key on a chain dangles below the title, which is written in gold in the center.

Cover art by Jim Tierney

Cover design by Kristie Radwilowicz

Carrie: OH. MY. GOD.

Amanda: Oooh! Yes!

Shana: My favorite colors are purple and turquoise so it feels like this cover was created just for me

Amanda: Of course it’s a YA title.

Shana: The youth (genre) will lead us

Sarah: The roaming gnome wants me to check into this hotel.

Elyse: It’s the Lisa Frank colors: purple, magenta, teal.

Sneezy: It’s so atmospheric!!

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