Hey y’all! Ready for some Cover Snark?

The Dragon's Choice by Roxie Ray. A man with large dragon wings appears to be trapped halfway into a button down shirt.

Amanda: …how did he get even half of that shirt on

Sarah: Is the dragon’s choice dry clean only?

Amanda: maybe he’s stuck and realizes he’s made a terrible mistake

Elyse: I’m more concerned about those spikes on his wings. He’s gonna fuck up the paint in every hallway he walks through

Knocking pictures of nana and grandpa off the wall…that live, laugh, love sign just crashing to the floor

Sarah: I revise my question: what drywall repair company is the dragon’s choice?

Claudia; I don’t envy this dragon. There are no good choices here.

Sneezy: Sure there are! Capes! They’ll go excellently with those wings and spikes!!

Song of Dragons by Aja James. A miniature dragon appears to be emerging from a shirtless man's head. He rightfully appears to be in pain.

Susan: I think I understand why this guy looks like he’s got a headache

Lara: Maybe it’s because I’m very conscious of how much of my flat is touched by my cat’s bum, but that dragon’s bottom is certainly touching that man’s head…

Sarah: Head on. Apply directly to the forehead. Head on. Apply directly to the forehead.

For those who haven’t seen this outstanding commercial:

Amanda: Wait, where are we applying it?

Sneezy: Anus Anointed

Noxx by Tasha Black. A blue alien man with scales only on his forearms is holding a very large and confused looking blue baby.

From Carol M: I can’t decide if the baby is coming out of the chest like Alien, or if they are just glued together.

Sarah: I understand wearing armor for diaper changes, especially if the child in question has outdoor plumbing. But those vambraces look potentially dangerous for everyone involved.

Elyse: I assumed it was a skin condition

It looks like it’s growing out of him.

Amanda: Can’t stop comparing their head sizes.

Sneezy: Now I can’t either!

The O Zone by Kelly Jamieson. A sullen and shirtless blond man is looking at us. The O in the title is circling his right nipple.

Elyse: I need someone to tell me where my focus should be on this cover. Totally unclear. much confusion

Also he’s missing his nips.

Carrie: Maybe that’s why he looks so angry. I’d be pissed off too if someone stole a portion of my anatomy.

Tara: I appreciate the way he’s helpfully circled where he’d like his nipple placed upon its return.

Carrie: I feel certain that he posted on Next Door about it in a post that began, “I’d like to thank whoever stole my nipples for ruining my Christmas. What is wrong with young people today? I blame their parents. In my day…”

Elyse: The worst version of pin the tail on the donkey

Amanda: His eyes remind me of the line in David Harbour sketch from SNL. “You have sad eyes, ma’am!”

AJ: He’s sad because he didn’t listen to me and now his nipples have been stolen. How many times must I say … Constant. Nipple. Vigilance.

Carrie: You are correct, AJ. You have to keep an eye on those nipples. Don’t just leave them lying around!

EllenM: I’m reading this as “the zone,” with the zone in question helpfully circled. The zone for what??? less certain.

Sneezy: “Hello? Dr Nips? Yes, we have found a case of the wandering nips.”

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