I’m currently reading World of Wonders by Robertson Davies and taking a lot longer than I expected. I’m on page 58 of 300-some pages, whereas The Manticore took me approximately 36 hours to read. On top of that, I’ve barely worked on reviews for the final 4 or 5 books. Perhaps it’s less than that, but the plate im envisioning seems full.

Getting a puppy is so different when you already have an adult dog – and an adult dog who’s a rescue. I’ve raised two dogs with help before, but with the doggie roles switched. Now we have a puppy who barely wakes up at night but needs to be trained differently and an adult dog who’s adjusting and pet parents who are learning how to spot corrective behavior and just plain doggie bullying.

This just shows me that no matter how I plan and how experienced I think I may be, there’s always something that comes up. Life gives me a different scenario than what I prepared for. It always does. I have to adjust myself for a different dog and adjust myself for the different ways life tries to beat me.

For now, read on and kick life’s ass.

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