Or an alternative title: why is liking books my only personality trait? Well, books and my multitude of houseplants. *Sigh* I love books. I’ve loved them since I was a little kid. I remember at 13 I started having more fictional friends than real ones, and the same is true for 22 year old me. So I think it’s about time I delve into just why it is that I love reading so much, and what exactly it is that keeps me interested in reading despite how horribly choosy I am when it comes to a “good” book.

1) Escapism
I am an absolute sucker for books that take me away from reality. Who could blame me? The world kinda…sucks sometimes. Most of the time. I know I’m “too young” to be that cynical but oh well. Regardless, one of my favorite things is being swept off of my feet into a cast of characters/world that is so vastly different from what I’m currently experiencing. Which is why fantasy remains one of my favorite genres nowadays.

2) Whatever the contrary of escapism is
Yup, I’m already contradicting myself in a post. The other thing I love about reading is finding books that seem to read my intellect and describe feelings I’ve had that could never be put into words. I have come up with a theory that I read most of whatever genre I feel to be most missing in my real life, so that I can understand myself and my wants better. Which is why my top genre recently is what I’ve dubbed “books that are philosophical but are hidden under like six other genres to make it not feel like they’re approximately philosophy”. A Psalm For the Wild Built is a perfect example of this. These books are so real and so profound its like they curl correct up next to my heart and live there, and I am so, so thankful for them.

3) Hey, it’s cheaper than traveling
Even though I am still incensed that hardbacks currently run somewhere around $25 each, it is still cheaper than planning a trip. I know I have said this before, but I love experiencing as many places and cultures and totally made up worlds as humanly possible. So, while I pay off student loans, books can fortunately stand in for me jet setting to Italy or Greece.

4) Books offer knowledge
I feel so, so fortunate as well to have a multitude of cultures and histories and identities to become more informed about at my fingertips. Reading diversely in any capacity makes us all much better people, as evidenced by my research posts earlier last year. And I can say anecdotally I feel like a much more informed and well-rounded individual because of the books I read. Of course, I could always dig deeper and learn more, but reading has given me the possibility to start educating myself on really important topics.

5) I’m never bored
No matter what kind of book I’m reading, love or hate, good or bad, I know there is always another life-changing one on the horizon. There are so numerous books out there, so many possible writing styles and so much creativity, I could never dream of saying that books as a whole have failed me. Reading is the only ardour of mine that I have been able to come back to time and time again. Which isn’t to say that I consistently read, or that I avoid long slumps. It just means I can confidently say I will always come back. And even whether a book is boring, I know I get to come on here and rant to you guys. And what could be more satisfying than that?

So, there are a few of the numerous many reasons I have fallen in love with books. What are yours? And as always, happy reading!

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