Passive Income 💵— No Code Required 💻.


Making a side income has never been easier. But you could make it much easier by doing nothing at all! You may earn money by just sharing your Internet connection and having it work for you on any of your devices (macOS/ PC/ Android/ Linux/ Raspberry Pi). Of course, this is dependent on your internet connection as well as the demand for internet bandwidth in your location.

  1. Earn App | Generate: $62.26 | Rate: $0.25/GB (link)
  2. IPRoyal | Generate: $27.35 | Rate: $0.20/GB (link)
  3. Packet Steam | Generate $22.33 | Rate: $0.10/GB (link)
  4. Peer2profit | Generate: $0 | (Does not work in my area)

In comparison, EarnApp has worked better for me than IPRoyal and Packet Steam, however Peer2Profit does not operate in my location. In a month, I’ve already made over a hundred dollars simply sharing the internet. The only work I needed to do was create an account and install it on my devices. Because I don’t want my computer to be open all the time. I had to install these apps on my Raspberry Pi and maintain them running 24 hours a day, which took a long time at initially. You can, of course, utilize an unused PC or Android device to run in the background.

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