Elyse & Pudding watch The Courtship, with the logo and text in gold embossed and a tiny siamese cat tilting the title card off center

Most distressing news indeed!

NBC has canceled The Courtship by moving it to USA Network with the coveted slot of…

11 pm on Wednesdays.

Pudding: I have the sent the executive who made that decision a gift from my litter box.

Pudding stares coyly at the camera

Don’t worry, we’re still going to recap it.

We open with Nicole having a cup of coffee in bed, where she is joined by Ms. Cleary and Mrs. Baker. They read The Daily Tea and learn that the men will be playing cricket. Then they ponder the rules of cricket (which they mix up with polo).

Nicole, her court, and Mr. Edwards stand in front of the estate

Ed note: look at that house photobombing those poor people!

Only one of the suitors, Mr. Mumbray, is English and so knows the rules of cricket. Nicole and Mrs. Baker are team captains and pick their team.

Mr. Edwards dryly notes that, possibly without knowing it, Mrs. Baker’s team has taken the lead.

Meanwhile Ms. Cleary is chatting with Mr. Saffa and she looks very bored.

Ms. Cleary sits on a bench with Mr. Saffa

He admits to Ms. Cleary that Nicole isn’t his usual type and that he normally goes for blondes. He also says he hasn’t had alone time with a pretty girl in “quite awhile.” Later Ms. Clearly relays to Mrs. Baker that Mr. Saffa was flirting with her. Neither woman is impressed with him.

After the game Nicole is visiting with Captain Kim, and Mr. Castronovo interrupts them. He tells her he was 100 lbs as a teen and was always picked last for sports. Nicole feels bad because he was picked last for cricket.

Mr. Castronovo and Nicole talk

Captain Kim calls Mr. Castronovo a “broke Gaston.”

Back at the house Nicole meets with her court. Ms. Cleary tells Nicole how Mr. Saffa was flirting with her.

At the same time in the suitors’ lodgings, Mr. Saffa admits to the other guys that he’s into Ms. Cleary.

Then Ms. Cleary drops the bombshell that she asked him if he could see himself with Nicole and he said no.

Pudding: If you’re going to be a scoundrel at least be an intelligent one. My word.

The next day, Nicole invites Mr. Holland on a one-on-one date. They go horseback riding and there’s a lot of laughter as they struggle to mount their horses, and then the horses just meander wherever they please.

Later they picnic and Mr. Holland tells her he has a one year old daughter. Nicole says she absolutely wants kids and she could see being with someone who already has a child. They kiss.

Then it’s time for the farewell dance. Mr. Chapman, Mr. Shanklin, Mr. King, Mr. Saffa, and Mr. Castronovo are all on the dance card.

Nicole refuses to even dance with Mr. Saffa and tells him she knows he’s not here for her. She says she knows he’s attracted to Ms. Cleary and she feels sick she sent someone home last week when he wasn’t interested in her.

He replies, “I appreciate your time.”

Pudding: Does he think this was a job interview?

Then on his way out he walks up to Ms. Cleary and asks, “Is it possible for me to–”

“You don’t need to talk to her,” Nicole says very firmly.

Pudding: Slap him, woman!

Then Mrs. Baker grabs his arm and says, “We can just walk you right on out,” and literally drags him out the door.

Inexplicably, Mr. Saffa starts crying. “No one has a testimonial without being tested. I’ve met some pretty cool guys and ultimately I hope they find what they’re looking for.”

Click for Pudding and I

Britney is confused

Pudding: Is he foxed?

The dancing resumes and Nicole tells that Mr. Chapman needs to focus more on her and less on the competitions. She tells Mr. Shanklin that she feels like they have more of a friendship and they need to see if they can find love. She tells Mr. Castronovo they need to find their passion.

Then it’s Mr. King’s turn and it’s apparent he’s going home. Everyone tears up (remember he recently lost both his mother and brother).

Mrs. Remy says, “This young man has had so much tragedy in his life and it breaks my heart.”

Nicole and Mr. King hug. He tells her that meeting her gave him the ability to believe there’s someone out there for him.

Nicole’s sister hugs her as Mr. King leaves.

Nine suitors are left, but Mr. Edwards announces a surprise. There’s a knock on the door and two new suitors enter.

And that’s tonight’s episode. Are you watching?

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