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Here’s Day 15: First kisses.

*cracks knuckles* — Here’s all of the leading couples from my series universe.

Despite not knowing what I was doing, I opened my mouth and he responded instantly. He tasted divine. Better than I ever imagined possible. I couldn’t move close enough. Couldn’t stop kissing him.

Oh, god, but he could kiss.

Aisling & Connor, Just Breathe

I leaned forward and kissed him, hard, pressing into him, and wrapped my arms around his shoulders. I pulled him closer waiting for him to push me back.

But he didn’t.

Angela & Salvatore, Home

Using his shirt as leverage, I pulled myself up enough to arrive his mouth and I kissed him, tough. He responded instantly, his arms circling and then tightening around me as he opened his mouth. When his taste exploded on my tongue, I nearly missing it as a small moan escaped me.

Holy fuck, he tastes like heaven.

Marcelline & Liam, Stronger Than Blood

His warm hands were on my face, mouth claiming mine in a kiss so fierce it forced a gasp from my lips.

All my senses were filled with him. When I opened my mouth, his heated tongue met mine and demanded honesty.

Zoe & Vlad, Enduring The Flames

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