Gift For Someone Who Wants To Write A Book

The person who gifted you the book possibly wrote an inscription to you inside the front cover. As the gift receiver, that inscription means as much as the book does—in fact, a quick Internet search brings up a plethora of cherished book inscription images, some decades old. So when you’re the giver, what to write in a book as a gift is one For memoirs: a New York Times custom birthday book. Handy Gifts for Book Lovers, Based on Their Reading Habits. For series fans: a city skyline bookend. For bestseller junkies: a first edition book cover art print. For book jugglers: a 100 books scratch-off poster; For e-book lovers: an owl eyeglasses holder. My seven-year-old granddaughter loves to write books. She has four fairy books that she wrote and illustrated herself. She says there a series and she’s number them 1 2 3 and 4. I want to surprise her for Christmas and make a book out of them. Someone I want to surprise her for Christmas and make a book out of them. 3. Books about writing.

You can never go wrong with giving a writer a book, particularly when the book is approximately writing. After all, most of us are self-proclaimed bookworms, and we’re keen to improve our craft. Here are four books every writer should read more than once: Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott; On Writing by Stephen King 43. Write a novel in no time with Instawriter – $49 It’s an innovation, a break-through, a way for you to channel your creativity and write the book you’ve always wanted to write, all packed in a B5 sized (6,93 X 9,84 inches) , 220 pages, cotemporary designed hard-cover journal. For all these reasons, books can make great gifts for people of all ages. And they can be given alone or as a part of a care package. Some people like to write a special message in a book when they give one as a gift. Other people prefer to enclose a card with a personal note.

When it comes time to buy a gift for the young writers in your life, you want a perfect present they’ll appreciate for months and years to come. Because writing is our specialty here at WriteShop, we know exactly what a young—or merely young at heart —writer would love to get. Plus, you can write a whole book in an afternoon! What other genre is that friendly, that inviting? I bet any writer worth their salt would bless your name for giving them this course as a present. “Two Weeks to Your Best Children’s Book” Or perhaps the writer you want to get a gift is more of a big book, novel-writing type of guy or gal.

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