Seventeen-year-old farm girl Ellery is used to being alone; used to taking care of herself. After she wins an athletics scholarship to a prestigious new school, she finds herself facing her own personal nightmare – stuck on a plane with a bunch of mean girls, the school dork and her ex-best friend. But when the plane crashes and they find themselves alone on a deserted island, the real challenge begins.

As they fight for survival, long-buried secrets are uncovered and – one by one – each girl’s true character emerges. Can friendships, like fires, be relit? And can Ellery survive on Girl Island?

My Review

This book was such a dramatic read. I really enjoyed this story. It was full of twists and turns as well as a romance story! I was so shocked at the situation the characters were in, I wasn’t expecting anything that happened in the book.

This book is marketed as Mean Girls meets Lord of the Flies. I haven’t read Lord of the Flies (yet), but I can definitely see the Mean Girls aspect to the book. I was truly shocked at some of the events which took place in this book. Some would probably seem unrealistic to some but I can see how that would have happened being deserted on an island. It is scary to think approximately how far people would go. I don’t want to say too much approximately the plot because it would spoil it. All I would say is that I would recommend this book!!

The main character, Ellery, had a lot to deal with from the beginning of the book. She is starting a new school and the first time she meets her classmates is when they are waiting for the plane! This already puts her in an difficult position before the main part of the story begins. She does manage to make friends which is lovely to read about.

The author made this book so intriguing to read, I wasn’t sure what else was going to happen! Such an amazing imagination to produce this book. I highly recommend this book, it was a really good book. Thank you to Kate Castle for sending me a copy of your book. Check it out on amazon and goodreads.

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