‘My mother’s people have a saying: ‘we are all wanderers of this soil. Our hearts are full of wonder, and our souls are deep with dreams.’

We were thrilled to hear Jane Harvey Berrick was revisiting The Traveling Series. When we read the synopsis, we knew we HAD to receive our hands on this book and meet the effervescent Vivian Vadoma Donohue (Gypsy). Not only that, but it gave us a chance to be reunited with Kes Donahue (Gypsy’s cousin) and the crew from the Traveling Series, and what a fabulous read it was. We loved it!

“Living is a risk with the certainty of dying at the end of it. But that’s not important. Living a good life, that’s the trick provided there is one.”

This author managed to wonderfully capture carnival life, and the struggles of both Gypsy and Huck, and fascinated us with her insight into Gypsy’s part Irish/part Romani heritage. She astounded us with her knowledge of the mechanical and emotional world of the carnival and held us spellbound.

“These people welcomed me into their lives and never once judged me. They have me a domestic, a purpose, their friendship, and their love.”

Gypsy, along with her menagerie of furry friends, little Mo, Mac the Wolf, and Dessie the draft horse, is on a quest through the US from Ireland, to return the vardo to her great grandmother twice removed (or is that three times removed?) the wonderful Madam Sylvia, a fortune teller with her cousin Kes’s traveling carnival.

Along the way, Gypsy fleetingly sights a man who sets aflutter a ‘soulmate’ vibe in her. Who is this man, and where did he roar off to on his motorcycle? Would she ever see him again? Well, being blessed with the ‘gift’ Gypsy knows in her heart, that this man is somewhere on her path.

‘In his sleep, his relaxed face looked younger than his 30 years. And I knew it was because he held his age in his eyes.’

To escape his past, Jonathan James Berry aka Huck is heading anywhere, not really sure where, he just knows he has to get away. He ends up in El Dorado and there he meets the beautiful winsome Gypsy who immediately captivates him. How could he not be captivated by this beautiful woman who found sheer delight in simply living? We know we fell in love with her!

‘I had been beaten and bullied and belittled, but I had found a home with my new family.’

Gypsy can be read as a standalone, but what a treat it was to reacquaint ourselves with the Traveling crew. It was like catching up with old friends. The camaraderie, the wanderlust, and the ‘family’ vibe were so beautifully captured, with Gypsy immediately being welcomed and fitting in with the crew.

Jane Harvey Berrick delivered a wonderfully sweet soulmate romance, which, at its core brought us love, hope, and loyalty and reminded us that family doesn’t necessarily have to be blood. It’s the people who love you despite your flaws, who have your back and welcome you with open arms.

‘Life had given us families then taken them away again. It made us different from other people. Two loners, drifting where the wind blew us.’

Gypsy and Huck’s love story was written in the stars. It was a love story with a few dramatic moments, some heart-stopping suspense, passion, emotion, and heart-warming characters, all delivered lovingly by an author with a genuine affection for her characters. A terrific addition to the Traveling Series – we adored this couple. We’ll never tire of hearing their stories.

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