This HaBO comes from Jen, who is looking for a historical romance. Jen’s way of describing this had me in stitches:

I think I read this book in the early 2000s, but it could have been written earlier.

The setting is medieval England but I don’t think there’s any actual historical characters. The hero is a lord of some sort. He was married previously, his wife died, and has a lot of children, like a comical amount of children. More than 6. And they are a handful. It’s chaos. He wants to remarry just to have someone to corral all these kids. But he definitely doesn’t want MORE kids.

So he arranges himself a marriage with a beautiful and capable heroine who doesn’t know that this will be the deal but he is determined not to sleep with her because he WANTS NO MORE CHILDREN. But she’s so beautiful! And he’s so handsome! And they are really into each other.

What I remember most about the book is that it is absolutely hilarious and all these children make the castle into an absolute chaos circus.

Of course they are unable to keep their hands off each other and the book ends with the birth of the next baby.

The cover was cartoony.

Sadly, none of the “comical amounts of children” romances I know of have medieval settings.

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