This HaBO is from Amy, who is trying to find this romance:

I’ve been looking for this books for ages now. I’ve read it years ago and can remember the majority for the storyline but neither the title or author.

  • It’s romance/erotica with a culinary/chef heroine.
  • She works for a trade that make meals for people, where they go to a person’s home and prepare fancy meals.
  • She gets asked to make a meal for two in this man’s house for a date he was having. He ends up not having his date because he’s so enticed by the food.
  • He ends up bumping into this women by coincidence (I think she’s cycling and crashes. He ends up helping her.)
  • She ends up in his house where he helps patch her back up, and they end up falling in love.

Whether anyone knows this book or any ideas I’d appreciate it.

Can we HaBO?

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