This HaBO request is from Kay, who is looking for this historical romance:

This book has been eluding me for weeks… it’s set in England, Regency period or thereabouts.

The hero (I think he’s possibly titled) was impoverished as a child, and left in his teens to join the Navy. Now, after years, he is traveling with his betrothed/wife, to meet his mother and sister. His sister has married a tradesman – a grocer – and the hero is unhappy about that. He suspects that his sister may have been forced into such a marriage due to their poverty. But when he meets her, it is clearly not so – the grocer is wealthy and loving, his sister is very happy and it was a love match between them.

I recall that this journey also helps settle some kind of strain that was there between the hero and the heroine, though I cant remember what caused it.

I wonder if there’s a book in the series about the grocer and sister’s romance!

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