This HaBO request is from Susan, who is looking for this YA novel:

Not sure I’ve all the details correct, but here goes: This was probably classified as YA and isn’t, strictly speaking, a romance. The teenage heroine’s mother is seriously (probably terminally) ill, so the heroine is on her own a lot. She meets a young man who turns out to be a vampire. His younger brother is also a vampire, but while the hero is sweet and brave, the younger brother – who still looks like an angelic child – is every bit the monster who finds his victims when they try to help what they think is a lost child. The hero is victorious in his efforts to destroy the evil sibling, but in the end he allows himself to be destroyed by sunlight.

I’m pretty sure this is a fairly well-known book, but I can’t remember the title or author. Thanks for any information that can be provided.

Let’s HaBO!

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