HaBO: Possible Series About the Children of a Pirate

This HaBO comes from Aizee, who is looking for this historical romance series:

The hero and heroine were both part of a pirate “family” (I want to say in the Caribbean) where the head pirate was the father of the heroine.

Heroine is beautiful, headstrong, blah, blah, blah and much younger than the hero, who looked after her because he had had a crush on her mother (head pirate’s wife) who died young (in childbirth? murdered by other pirates?).

For some reason I don’t remember, the pirate family has to give up the business and move to England where it turns out the head pirate/father is also a nobleman with an estate where they will be safe. Possibly part of a series about the pirate “children”.

I don’t know why this is stuck in my head but I would really appreciate any help you all can give!

Can we HaBO?

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