This HaBO request is from Michelle, who is looking for this romance:

Contemporary romance/mystery I read around 2008/2009.

A woman lives in New York City, I think? She has 2 best friends. I don’t remember what any of them did, but they were all successful 20-somethings.

There’s a serial killer on the loose that has killed at least a couple of young women their age. I think the killer at one point breaks into the heroine’s apartment, but she’s not home at the time.

If I recall, the main character ends up falling in love with the head detective/cop that’s in charge of the case. That’s about all I can remember from the book, but there was a 2nd one. I didn’t read that one, but I remember reading the synopsis for it, and one of her friends ends up being murdered by the killer.

Can we HaBO this one?

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