This HaBO request is from L., who is looking for a particular historical romance:

This was the first Regency romance I’d ever read and one of the first romances I read as well. It’s been living in my head rent free ever since. I don’t know the title or author.

The things I remember clearly about it are the hero is super into fly fishing and is the heroine’s neighbor, though they haven’t met before the book starts. She’s into drawing detailed pictures of nature, possibly insects in particular. Her father was also into fly fishing before he died and so she knows a lot about it. She ends up helping him make better lures for fly fishing.

Also at the very beginning of the book they meet on the river and the meeting somehow leads to him making out with her ear. I think (but could be wrong) there was also a plot moppet, but I cant remember his connection to the leads. I also think the main plot involved a bunch of suitors coming out to the country to hopefully marry her for her wealth.

Someone knows this one.

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