This HaBO comes from Deb, who is hoping to find this book:

From way, way back, I remember reading a book I’m sure was entitled, “The Spanish Woman” but can’t remember the author or find anything about the book online.

I’m pretty sure it was set in England or Scotland, fairly modern day, e.g., 1970s? There was a reference to a hoof and mouth disease outbreak, one of which happened in 1967. The heroine is the daughter of a woman who was a jetsetter or some such, and she has a rare blood type. For some reason she ends up at the estate of a gentleman jetsetter who turns out to be her father (same blood type). In a hidden room on the estate is a painting by El Greco called “The Spanish Woman”. The hero is something like the gentleman’s grandson and runs the business of the estate. There’s a Spanish woman around working her wiles on the gentleman because unknown to all, she’s from the family of perhaps the woman in the painting and feels she’s owed the painting.

Other people have tried to steal the painting in the past but each died when trying, so it’s considered bad luck. It can’t be sold as the tax on it would beggar the estate.

Gentleman suffers some situation where he needs blood, which is where they realize the parentage. Heroine gives as much blood as possible but I think the gentleman dies anyway.

Somehow the heroine finds or is led to the painting and is shut in the enclosure by the wily woman who takes off with the painting. The heroine is bleeding and nearly bleeds to death until they find a donor. Painting thief dies in single car accident, heroine and hero inherit estate and live HEA.

Sounds like quite the soap opera!

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