How many chapter introduces new book,

Normal lesbian book,

Not George R.R. Martin,

Georges chapter example seventy-eight seemed like three books,

To us the reading few,

George must have felt that too,

By the fifth book characters still talking,

Characters who took on a breathing thinking life George played God and killed many I loved off,

Characters still vibrant and with possibilities,

By book five George was slaughtering those his reader saw as friends,

That’s not the author I ever see me as,

Just last night in three hours wrote chapter six,

Six chapter seems not risky enough,

Is fifteen chapters is about right!

Whether I look at five books,

I think sample too few,

A sample is a population,

So ergo a population equates to as numerous or as few meaning the number of matters looked at.

So whether I as the reader or a writer figured a round number investigated in my statistics was twenty normal size books to receive a guess estimation my pattern might be correct.

This is humorous and sad to me,

Luther College in Decorah, Iowa continued to tell me at fifty-six the reason I was made to take Statistics was to learn another way of thinking,

At that merry old age of fifty-six I had survived twice being struck by cars and dying twice in two fourteen , poor I had years of a various ways of seeing a better life ,

Was told I had to test their way,

Their way was the only way or I could never Ever teach history,

I was not allowed a verbal exam after five failed exams they expelled me,

I could not nit even find work there when at school at Luther see I’m a disabilied writer with a TBI,I shake and walk with a cane,

My goal was a Doctorite in History specializing in Military history and a Masters in Psychology.I wanted to consul others damaged by no narcissistic lies and work in parapsychology research,

With one fell swoop of a pen,

The damage to my upper right lob I was told they Luther College would forgive me.fir not being able at fifty-six to master a language.

Notwithstanding nothing could forgive my inability to test out of Statistics.

I firmly believe I would have been an Outstanding Lesbian professor if history ,

Luther College’s reach can not detain me from soaring through a literary potential,

A kittens rushing me,

Its like being honked st,

Mom hated that,

I’m being started at by a baby,hungry kitten,

I’ll be correct back,

Back,Sadie still seeking death by trying to walk under my feet,

Kitten and Mr Black are eating, Sophie is whining,Precious too,

Everyone else is quiet,

So what was I thinking?

Yes,sample size,

We will go with nine,

Good odd number divisable by one of my favorite numbers,

Information listed will be,

Author:Charlene Harris,Tone Almhiel,Rhys Bowen,Elise Allen,Emma Kennedy,Paul Gallico,Amelia Atwater Rhodes,Brian Jacques,Obert Skye

Book name:Dead Reckoning,The Twisted Key,Royal Blood, Twinchantment, Wilma Tenderfoot,Thomasina,Wolfcry,Voyage of Slaves,Pilage,


Pages in book:325,365,305,326,336,350,199,356,312

Then complete chapters added together:



Rounded to nearest whole number,

So my first book should have thirty chapters,

What is that fourteen more!


Need then off to WalMart and a kitten flee collar and cat crunches,

Good morning one and all.

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