Ok, so I guess you landed here because you want to update or flash your Vu+ receiver with another image. There are actually quite some images out there and I tried some of them myself. So in this article I’m trying to guide you through the process. To be honest it’s not really hard, you just have to…

(Optional) backup your current settings and/or channel list

Since flashing your receiver means loosing all your settings, you probably want to make sure to backup your settings first. If available in your current receiver-sw you can achieve this using the respective option onto a USB thumb drive. Alternatively you could also backup your current channel list via Ethernet by using tools like DreamboxEdit.


What you need to flash your device:

Attention: Do proceed on your own risk. I do not take any responsibility for any harm or damage taken.

Prepare your thumb drive

  1. You have to make sure your thumb drive is formatted as FAT32 drive otherwise it can’t be read by the Vu+ box. If not already the case, using your computer format it as FAT32 (Attention! You will lose all data on the thumb drive when doing so).
  2. Download a compatible image for your receiver
  3. Extract the image files onto your Desktop
  4. Copy the directories and files onto your thumb drive
  5. You should now have a “vuplus” directory directly within the base directory of your thumb drive
  6. Within this “vuplus” directory you should have a directory matching you receiver type (e.g. “zero”) that contains files like these:

Flash your receiver

  1. Power off your receiver
  2. Insert the thumb drive into your receiver
  3. Power on your receiver
  4. The white led on your receiver should now flash a few times very quickly before starting to “breath” slowly (fade in, fade out) for 2-4 minutes
  5. When finished the white led will now flash rapidly, which means one second on, one second “off” (you can still see it light just a little)
  6. If you aren’t sure the flashing process has actually finished, just leave your receiver on for 5-10 more minutes
  7. Power down your receiver completely
  8. Power on your receiver again and it should now boot into the newly installed image.
  9. (Optional) After configuring the basics you can now restore your settings and/or channel list
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