Other Tips for Your Query Letter. The appropriate length for a nonfiction query is somewhere between 1 and 1.5 pages, single spaced. Normally the shorter, the better. Whether you can send the book proposal along with the query, you should. In such cases, the query really ends up being a cover letter and doesn’t have to be labored over that much. Whether you’ve written a novel, agents want to see a total manuscript attached to your query letter. That isn’t the case with a nonfiction book. I know, it’s weird. But this is the book commerce. Bizarre is normal. For nonfiction books, agents only want to read the query letter and book proposal. That’s it. Provided they want to see more, they Nonfiction query letter. For our nonfiction query, we reached out to Jon Darga. Jon is currently an agent at Aevitas, and is a former editor at Penguin Random House with experience across both fiction and nonfiction, including work on multiple award-winning and bestselling titles. Original query.

Dear Ms Brown, How to write a query letter: 12 fundamental steps. A query letter is your first contact with a literary agent. It’s a request for representation—a brief introduction to you and your non-fiction book that (hopefully) piques the agent’s interest and makes her or him want to learn more. You’ve got a great idea for a nonfiction book. You’ve written a killer book proposal. Now you need a fabulous query letter to grab an agent or a publisher so they ask you to send your proposal for review. To write a killer query, you need a one-page letter with three basic sections or paragraphs. Many writers want to know how to write a nonfiction query letter for children’s books. Now, a nonfiction query isn’t entirely different from a fiction one, but there are some nuances. First of all, I have to make the distinction between a nonfiction picture book and nonfiction for older readers. Make certain you research what kinds of books they specialize in, and tailor your query letter accordingly.

And address the letter to the agent or editor, not to a generic “to whom it may concern.”. If you met an agent at a writing conference, include a brief note approximately it as you reintroduce yourself. Give the stats on your book.

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